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Single-image Sunday: Surfing in Winter   4 comments

The great thing about surfing in winter is you have some elbow room.  Or so it seems to me.  I’m not a surfer.  I’ve tried, believe me.  I even took a couple classes in El Salvador.  I found it to be a great way to drink seawater…most of it through my nose!  There were other problems, but for me that was the major one.  I can see the attraction however.

This is a beach near San Diego at the foot of some nice bluffs turned golden by the setting sun.  There were certainly other surfers around.  But when I saw this guy walking down the beach alone, I could see (even at this distance) that he was having a great time.  It was the way he was walking, barefoot and alone in the late-afternoon sun down a beautiful stretch of coast.  He had apparently finished for the day, enjoying the post-surfing glow after some good rides.

I had to use my 200 mm. lens to capture him from atop the bluff where I was walking.  I just hand-held the shot even though I had my tripod.  For one thing, I had to be quick about it.  Also, since he was moving along at a good pace, I needed a faster shutter speed anyway to keep him sharp.


A lone surfer on the California Coast.

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