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Single Image Sunday: Fearless   27 comments

Like many Sundays I am posting an image that dovetails with this past Friday’s topic on negative space.  This is not a particularly great photo but it certainly draws your eye.  It’s also a reminder to myself that I do not include enough negative space in my people pictures.  In this picture the negative space is perfectly placed in the upper left quadrant.

A friend of mine brought his girlfriend along on a hike high up on Mount Hood and she turned out to be a mountain goat, totally fearless.  And it’s not like she’s particularly young (hope she’s not reading this!).  I used to have similar inclinations, but I’ve certainly mellowed.  Here she simply wanted to perch somewhere with a good view of Hood.  She seemed so relaxed up there, which you absolutely need to be in order to do it safely.  It made me very nervous!  I hope your weekend is going well.

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