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Single-Image Sunday: Cataldo Mission   2 comments

I’ve been away from the wonderful worldwide web for awhile.  Hope you all have been good!  It has also been quite a long time since I’ve traveled through this part of the country; namely the Idaho panhandle.  I really like the little town of Coeur d’Alene, sitting alongside a big beautiful lake.

Cataldo is a historic Jesuit mission, the oldest building in Idaho.  It dates from 1850.  Obviously it has been restored, and quite nicely!  Located not far east of Coeur d’Alene and now a state park, it lies just off the freeway.  Nevertheless, I’ve never noticed it before now.  I saw the sign and pulled off, just at nightfall.  But the park was closed.

I could see the photographic possibilities from the road.  The attractive building was lighted up and the timing (blue hour) couldn’t have been better.  So I quickly grabbed my tripod and snuck up past the gate.  I snatched a few shots and stole away into the night.

Cataldo Mission, Idaho

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