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Single-image Sunday: Sunset from Munra Pt.   12 comments

I finally broke the photo drought and went up to the Gorge for a hike with my old point and shoot.  The goal was to make it up to the summit of Munra Point by sunset.  I rode my moto out there on a gorgeous afternoon.  One of the only benefits to having no DSLR these days is I can go very light!  So I made good time on the extremely steep route.  The point and shoot isn’t bad.  It’s a Canon S95.  Though the lens is not the quality I’m used to, it does a pretty good job for a P&S.   The best thing is it shoots RAW, so high contrast shots like this, where the camera itself doesn’t do a great job with the intense light contrast, can be dealt with in Lightroom.

Munra Point has a great view of the Columbia River flowing west through the Gorge far below.  This time of year there are spring flowers: glacier lilies & grass widows, among others.  At one point you need to climb hand over hand for a short stretch, but there is a rope to aid you.  It comes in very handy on the way down, when darkness is rapidly closing in.  I forgot a light.  My headlamp was still in my regular camera pack, which is no longer in use.  So I needed to go down fast in order to make it through the forest part before it got totally dark.  All in all a fine return to shooting.  Though I can’t help feeling a bit frustrated using a camera with much less control than I’m used to, I can certainly deal with it for now, at least to scratch the itch.  Thanks for reading!

Sunset over the Columbia River Gorge from Munra Point.

Sunset over the Columbia River Gorge from Munra Point.

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