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Wordless Wednesday: Blue Alert   2 comments


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Wordless Wednesday: Oblivious   7 comments


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Two for Tuesday: Pet Diversity   4 comments

Charl hiking in the Grand Staircase, Utah.

Charl hiking in the Grand Staircase, Utah.

Diversity is a term that is used a lot these days.  I like to think of it not as something we “should” strive for but something that is here and that we should enjoy and make the most of.  And that goes for every aspect of our lives, including our pets.

It’s been a while since the last Two for Tuesday post.  The theme is two photos that are connected in some way and together tell a simple story.  I like to pair images that have contrasts as well as similarities.  Variety is the spice in pets as well as life in general.  All my dogs (+ one cat) have been rescues from the street or shelter, or otherwise unwanted.

I used to have a mixed breed dog named Sugar who was dominantly samoyed (those big white fluffy white huskies with a smile).  She was a great hiker and loved the snow too.  While I had her, I ended up with my first small dog – a boy shih tsu named Charl.  While he was certainly comfortable being a lap dog, Sugar & I taught him how to hike and camp, in general to be a ‘real dog’.  I learned that most shih tsus are remarkably adaptable.

Charl taught me that a small dog was very much worth having as a pet.  He died a year and a half ago after a long, adventurous life.  After years of only having the “little boy”, I suppose I was ready for something different.  And the dog in the 2nd shot is most definitely that.  We found him wandering the streets and after advertising heavily and staying in contact with the shelter, realized he wasn’t simply lost.  He was apparently abandoned by his owner.  He’s a purebred pitbull we named Blue.

Unlike Charl, who knew only kindness, Blue is a little head-shy and has a few scars from being beaten.  But he doesn’t show it otherwise.  He’s still very young and still puppified, despite his size.  And he just loves people and other dogs.  Fortunately he wasn’t abused enough to affect his personality at all and promises to be a fine example of the reality that the breed’s reputation is wholly undeserved.  Unfortunately, in my current circumstances all I can do is foster him and find a good home.

Other than the fact that Blue is the same species as Charl was, there are other similarities plus a few differences.  Blue is a big baby, more so than Charl was actually.  He thinks he’s a lap dog, but it’s like having a large anvil in your lap, one who enthusiastically licks your face.  He’s a much bigger handful than Charl ever was.  Another big difference: Blue takes the job of guarding home and vehicle quite seriously, while Charl thought all visitors were welcome.  But the two are the same where it counts:  gentle and good-hearted.

Blue doesn’t leave my side and thinks I’m his owner now.  Who knows?  He may turn out to be right.

Blue strikes a pose.

Blue strikes a pose.

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Funny Animal Photos   Leave a comment

Charl the shih tsu attracts some strange looks. Obviously people aren’t the only creatures who wonder what type of animal he really is.

A quickie post on this favorite of our wonderful worldwide web.  There is almost no better way to get internet hits on a photo or video than to show an animal doing something funny. It’s a gimmie.  So here I am joining in, being totally gratuitous.

Fun in the park as my little dog Charl is surrounded by town deer.

My little shih tsu, Charl is getting pretty old now, and so is not always very alert to his surroundings.  He should have been aware that these three deer, who were hanging out in a little riverside park in the town of Winthrop, Washington (it’s hunting season & they know it’s illegal to discharge weapons in the city limits), were not exactly the friendly type.

As I was taking this picture, I realized that the deer on the left was about to use those sharp hooves to express her opinion of lap dogs.  He nearly got speared before I swooped in and chased them away.

This is not exactly what I expected to be doing on my recent road trip to northern Washington, rescuing my little traveling partner from fearless town deer.  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  On more than one occasion, while we’ve been out hiking, I’ve noticed hawks or eagles who were quite interested in us.  One plus is that Charl is fairly indestructible.  My horse one time kicked him halfway across the barn. But he’s always so relaxed that I think he’s made of jelly.  He bends but doesn’t break.

I often sneer with contempt when I see the plethora of funny or stupid animal photos & videos on the web.  But I can’t take the high road anymore.  I’ve become one of them!

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