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Single-image Sunday: Beach-Time   7 comments

Well hello there strangers!  Actually I’ve been the stranger.  A good long blogging break that corresponded with a good long break from photography.  Hope everyone had a warm and happy Thanksgiving.  This is just a little quiet time at the beach with a new camera and lens.  A few surfers, a cruise ship heading out, and not much going on.  Perfect!

First Light for a Canon 7D Mk II, plus a new Tokina 11-20 mm. f/2.8. 12 mm., 1/30 sec. @ f/8, ISO 320, hand-held.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Birds   2 comments

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Winter Solstice!   8 comments


Single-image Sunday: Surf Fishing   4 comments

I know it’s a bit lame, but I can’t help but apologize for my recently inconsistent Friday Foto Talk posts.  Blame it on that good old sense of guilt that everyone raised Catholic seems to suffer from.  Believe me I haven’t forgotten about it.  I’m also going to be collecting all of them into one or more e-books.  It surprises me to look back and see how many I’ve amassed over these past several years.  It’s a nice summary of my photography knowledge (which hopefully still has a long way to go)

In the meantime, enjoy this image from the other morning.  I’ve been rising in the pre-dawn every morning for work, but it mostly happens that the people I’m working with abhor starting before the sun is up.  The happy result is that I get to enjoy a peaceful sunrise somewhere.  On this morning I walked over the dunes just as the sun was breaking through and in time to see this fisherman casting into the breakers for snook.  In talking to him I detected an accent that made me think South African but with a small twist.  Turns out he was from east Africa.  Retired now, he walks up to the beach almost every morning for some surf fishing at sunrise.

Thanks for looking and have a great week.

Surf-fishing at sunrise, Atlantic Coast of Florida.  50 mm. Zeiss lens, 1/100 sec. @ f/13, ISO 200.

Surf-fishing at sunrise, Atlantic Coast of Florida. 50 mm. Zeiss lens, 1/100 sec. @ f/13, ISO 200.

Single-Image Sunday: Storm Light   Leave a comment


I really love that light that comes with the sun very low on the horizon and a storm almost upon you.  That’s exactly what happened the other day on the beach.  Everyone had left when the sky turned threatening.  I tried to stick it out as long as possible because I saw that the sun was poking underneath the clouds as it set in the west.  All I needed was a bit of luck.  If the storm held off until the light softened and warmed just enough I had the chance for a nice image of the empty beach.

This was my very last shot, standing in the shallow surf as a wall of heavy rain had just started pelting me in the back.  The onset of rain was so sudden and violent that my camera started getting seriously soaked during the 3 sec. exposure.  I quick shoved it under my shirt and made a mad dash for the safety of the car, bolts of lightning hitting disturbingly nearby.  They tell you not to be on the beach in thunderstorms like that, and now I understand exactly why.  Thanks for looking!

Wordless Wednesday: Oblivious   7 comments


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Two for Tuesday: How to Avoid a Sunset   1 comment

16 mm., 1.6 sec. @ f/11, ISO 100, camera movement.

16 mm., 1.6 sec. @ f/11, ISO 100, camera movement.

Unlike many photographers, I don’t think subjects like the sunset or a rainbow are necessarily cliche’.  But they can easily dominate a composition, and it’s that which can get tiresome.  The Milky Way has become exactly the same way in recent years.  But with that said, I do get tired of shooting toward the setting sun.

On a recent afternoon at the beach, after photographing a sail boat in front of the lowering sun (already posted for Wordless Wednesday), I set up to capture the color, which as usual was concentrated toward the west.  But when I put the wide-angle lens on and found some interesting foreground rocks, instead of shooting a standard composition, I started messing around.

The first shot is actually an accident.  I was experimenting with camera movement but ended up not liking any of the results.  Then a big wave came in and I had to quickly grab the tripod and raise it above my head to save my camera from a dousing.  I left the rocks then, not wanting to push my luck (plus I was soaked).  Later when checking out the images I liked this last one the best.

The second picture was well after sunset, when palm trees framed the crescent moon.  The sun was long gone but was still coloring the horizon and high clouds.  It’s a twilight image, but not too long of an exposure, because of the need to keep the moon sharp.

The first image is the kind of thing that happens accidentally but only to those who are giving luck and chance an opportunity.  The second picture is the kind I really like, not only because it happens after other photographers have gone, but because it’s only possible with patience and faith that the show isn’t really over.

70 mm., 1.0 sec. @ f/8, ISO 1250.

70 mm., 1.0 sec. @ f/8, ISO 1250.

Wordless Wednesday: Playin’ in the Surf   5 comments


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Single-image Sunday: Surfing in Winter   4 comments

The great thing about surfing in winter is you have some elbow room.  Or so it seems to me.  I’m not a surfer.  I’ve tried, believe me.  I even took a couple classes in El Salvador.  I found it to be a great way to drink seawater…most of it through my nose!  There were other problems, but for me that was the major one.  I can see the attraction however.

This is a beach near San Diego at the foot of some nice bluffs turned golden by the setting sun.  There were certainly other surfers around.  But when I saw this guy walking down the beach alone, I could see (even at this distance) that he was having a great time.  It was the way he was walking, barefoot and alone in the late-afternoon sun down a beautiful stretch of coast.  He had apparently finished for the day, enjoying the post-surfing glow after some good rides.

I had to use my 200 mm. lens to capture him from atop the bluff where I was walking.  I just hand-held the shot even though I had my tripod.  For one thing, I had to be quick about it.  Also, since he was moving along at a good pace, I needed a faster shutter speed anyway to keep him sharp.


A lone surfer on the California Coast.

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