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Friday Foto Talk: Tripod or Not, Part I   6 comments

Tripods are one of the most essential of photography accessories.  That’s mostly because stabilizing the camera is the surest route to sharp images.  But in case you’re wondering, let me say right off the bat that this post is not about choosing a tripod.  I assume you either already have or soon will have a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Learning Photography, Part IV   10 comments

This is the final installment in this short series on learning photography.  Check out the first three posts on this topic for tips on how to make the most of your time and money when you set out to get serious about making images.  Enjoy some images from my most recent two trips. WHAT LENSES TO […]

Friday Foto Talk: One Rule for Creative Compositions   24 comments

I have noticed a trend in photography-related tips on the web lately.  It has gotten somewhat away from the nuts and bolts of exposure, etc. and gone in two directions.  One is tricks and tips to get certain looks.  If you want your pictures to look like this, do this or that with filters or […]

Friday Foto Talk: The Fabulous 50 mm. Lens.   4 comments

This is an ode to the wonderfully versatile 50 mm. lens.  If you have only one prime lens (i.e., non-zoom, fixed focal length), this is certainly the one to have.  I’m basically a zoom lens person.  With some important exceptions, I think good zoom lenses offer the same quality as good prime lenses.  All that […]

Friday Foto Talk: Dealing with Crowds   9 comments

As you might be able to guess from some of my previous blog posts, I am someone who does not go from one well-known spot to another.  Often called trophy-hunting photography, it’s not really who I am.  That’s not to say I don’t ever visit popular spots.  I just have to be in the mood […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus   19 comments

I was inspired to do a rare Monday post by the Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress.  Also, this week’s topic, focus, gives me a good excuse to post some of the close-up shots I captured during my recent trip to Rainier and Olympic National Parks in Washington state.  I had a great time up there photographing […]

Frosty Photos   2 comments

This is a short post on a favorite winter-time photo subject of mine: frost.  I used my Canon 100 mm. macro lens for these shots, but a regular lens with close-focusing would work too.  I also sometimes use my Canon 500D close-up lens, which screws on like a filter.  Combined with a wide-angle lens it […]

Oh Zion, How You’ve Changed   5 comments

The last time I visited Zion National Park in southwestern Utah, it was with my uncle about 15 years ago.  It was my stay-at-home uncle’s only western road trip.  He has never had a driver’s license.  We visited Death Valley too, and we had a grand time.  But this post is not about that trip, […]