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Friday Foto Talk: Hidden Gems in the Archive   9 comments

This is a little different from most other Friday Foto Talk posts.  I’m only passing on one piece of advice.  If you don’t already do so, on occasion it’s a good idea to go back through your archives and look for hidden gems.  Select some that spark your interest for re-processing on the computer. I’ve been doing this lately, […]

Friday Foto Talk: Keepin’ it Fresh   5 comments

It happens to all of us, and we’re usually in deep before we even realize it.  I’m talking about stagnation, burnout.  It happens in life and it happens in photography.  You’re comfortable, producing some nice shots, even a few great ones.  You got this down, right? Not so fast!  One day you wake up and realize […]

Friday Foto Talk: Noise, ISO and Your Camera   11 comments

Camera makers have been providing ever higher quality images, with lower noise at higher ISOs.  No, I’ve not become a cheerleader for big corporations.  But this little factoid is true nonetheless.  By the way, a rule of thumb:  the larger the sensor in your camera, the less noise you’ll have when shooting at high ISO.  It’s […]

Friday Foto Talk: Photography Today – The Great (and not so great)   11 comments

I’ll be doing a series of short posts on what I like and don’t like about the current state of photography.  It won’t be every Friday; boy would that be a mistake!   But occasionally I’ll let my opinions fly, starting today with how easy it is to get started in photography. LIKES:  Today we have digital, […]

Friday Foto Talk: Cloudless Skies – Part II   6 comments

Let’s continue with the subject of shooting under cloudless conditions, which for many of us is a real challenge.  You may even say clear blue skies are an obstacle to getting the photos you want.  But it’s not the only one.  Check out my other posts in this series for ways to get around all the […]

Friday Foto Talk, Part V: Plug-ins   8 comments

This post concludes a mini-series on post-processing.  Find parts I – IV here.  My intent is to summarize the approach I’ve found to be helpful for me.  It’s not to give specific instruction on how to edit your photographs on the computer.  You can find these tutorials in many different places both online and in print. […]

Dynamic Range IV: Conclusions   11 comments

I know this hasn’t been the most straightforward of topics, but let’s try to end by putting dynamic range in proper context.  By the way, make sure to at least skim through Parts 1 – 3 first, then come back to this one. I started by pointing out the importance of dynamic range.  But then I proceeded to […]

Friday Foto Talk: Depth of Field II   19 comments

This is the second of a three-part series on depth of field.  Take a look at my 1st one, where some basics are covered. Depth of field plays a big part in how most images look. Thus it’s important that you are deliberate. I’m not saying be rigid; experiment with different apertures, focal lengths, etc. […]

Single-image Sunday: Patterns in Sandstone   5 comments

Since the Foto Talk this week was all about not getting too caught up in the search for abstract patterns in your photography, I thought I’d post an image whose sole aim was to abstract the subject.  But is this really an abstract?  I could have made it more so, for example by moving the […]

Friday Foto Talk: How to Handle Contrast the Natural Way   9 comments

Contrast is one of the main things photographers have to deal with.  Even in the studio a lot of work goes into handling contrast in the amount of light across your subject.  And in natural light there is only so much you can do to control contrast.  For the most part you just need to […]