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Friday Foto Talk: Using a Circular Polarizer, Part II   11 comments

Last week I got all technical about how circular polarizers (CPLs) work.  Of course you don’t necessarily need to know all that to shoot with them.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt.  The more you know about how CPLs work the better able you are to extend the situations in which you use them.  You can […]

Visiting Zion National Park – Part IV   6 comments

Happy New Year!  Friday Foto Talk will return next week.  Let’s continue the travel series on Zion National Park in Utah. Zion is the 7th most popular national park in the U.S.  More than 3 million people visited last year alone!  What makes it feel more crowded than a park like Yellowstone (which sees at least a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Keepin’ it Fresh   5 comments

It happens to all of us, and we’re usually in deep before we even realize it.  I’m talking about stagnation, burnout.  It happens in life and it happens in photography.  You’re comfortable, producing some nice shots, even a few great ones.  You got this down, right? Not so fast!  One day you wake up and realize […]

The Tragedy in Nepal   19 comments

I want so much to be able to return to the mountain kingdom of Nepal and help them in their hour of need.  To see all those wonderful people again would be so great.  That may seem a strange thing to say.  But I know for a fact that even in the midst of tragedy they remain […]

Friday Foto Talk: Cloudless Skies – Part II   6 comments

Let’s continue with the subject of shooting under cloudless conditions, which for many of us is a real challenge.  You may even say clear blue skies are an obstacle to getting the photos you want.  But it’s not the only one.  Check out my other posts in this series for ways to get around all the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Post Processing Part III   17 comments

Friday Foto Talk: Post-Processing, Part I   5 comments

Last Friday wrapped up the short series of posts on learning photography.  But I thought I’d follow up this week with one more thing you need to think about: post-processing.  This post will cover general considerations and decisions you’ll need to make.  Next time I’ll go into specific software choices. When I first bought a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Dynamic Range III – The Histogram   7 comments

This is the third of four parts on Dynamic Range.  Check out the first two parts.  Part I is an introductory look, including what dynamic range actually is.  Part II goes into how your eyes and your camera see things differently.  Today we’ll look at a key tool you should be using and how it help you both understand […]

Friday Foto Talk: Clouds   12 comments

I think photographers take clouds for granted.  Most of us seem to believe there is nothing special or difficult about photographing them.  But most of us also seek out clouds when we are out shooting.  So I think they’re worth a second (and third) thought.  Whether doing landscape, outdoor portrait, street, really any photography is […]

Friday Foto Talk: A Sense of Place   22 comments

This is a more subtle and difficult aspect of photography, a topic I’ve thought about off and on ever since I picked up a camera.  Until now I’ve avoided writing about it.  It’s one of those things you sort of feel when you see a picture.  It can be subtle, and perhaps you don’t notice […]