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Friday Foto Talk: Photo Flow in Practice (Landscape & Architecture)   5 comments

I’m liking this series on flow in photography.  Hope you are too!  Flow, or being ‘in the zone’, is a state of intense focus where you often lose the sense of time passing.  Check out the first two posts in the series for a background primer.  This and succeeding posts will go through particular examples to show […]

Friday Foto Talk: Shooting around Weather   4 comments

I took a break last week from Foto Talk.  Hope you all didn’t give up on me!  This week I passed by an area that was readying itself for a hurricane.  And there’s been plenty of rain besides.  So I’m taking the hint and posting on the subject of photography and weather, in particular photographing in […]

Friday Foto Talk: Point of View – Ethics & Legality   4 comments

After the recent posts on point of view (POV), I realized I had been taking it for granted.  It’s the kind of thing that experienced photographers model naturally when shooting.  But they gloss over it and don’t talk about it enough when teaching.  Novices tend to be busy figuring out their cameras, exposure, where to focus, etc.  As a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Point of View, Part II   4 comments

This is the second of two parts on Point of View (POV) in photography.  Last week Part I looked at general position and angle related to subject and background.  This time I’ll focus on what most people think of when they think of POV: height. Point of View:  Height Let’s go back to when we first picked […]

Friday Foto Talk: Black & White, Part III   6 comments

This mini-series on black and white (B&W) imaging concludes with some tips for post-capture.  Be sure to check out Part I and Part II, as this post builds on those two.  My main goal in doing these is to motivate you to do more monochrome images.  It really can help your color photography.  You learn […]

Friday Foto Talk: Black & White, Part II   4 comments

This continues the mini-series on black and white (B&W) photography.  Check out Part I for tips on what types of images lend themselves to B&W.  I really like trying monochrome processing with any shot, because you never know until you see the image.  A few things to keep in mind while shooting B&W: See in B&W: […]

Friday Foto Talk: Black & White, Part I   7 comments

I like to do black and white (B&W), landscapes but go through long periods where it isn’t much of a priority.  Lately I’ve been doing quite a few.  By the way the terms black & white and monochrome are roughly equivalent.  Monochrome is a more inclusive way to describe them, because it includes those where […]

Friday Foto Talk: Using Foreground Judiciously   6 comments

I’ve posted previously on using foreground elements in landscape photography.  We’ll look  at it from a  slightly different angle here, adding a bit of subjective opinion (surprise!) along the way.  But don’t worry, there’s plenty objective advice on successfully using foreground as well. They are important, obviously.  But I think too many landscape photographers think they need to include close […]

Friday Foto Talk: Very Close Focus in Landscape Photography   2 comments

Let’s continue with the focus on landscape photography.  I’m writing this on Saturday, April 16th.  My excuse is April 15th.  ‘Nuff said!  The topic is close focus, which is a challenge when shooting the near to far kind of landscape composition that is so popular today (it really wasn’t in the olden days). With those very […]

Friday Foto Talk: Intimate Landscapes   14 comments

Last week I posted under the somewhat ambitious title How to Shoot Landscapes.  I mentioned that landscapes come in all sizes, so this week we’ll look at the small scale world of landscape photography.  Most of the photos here are of this type, what I call intimate landscapes.  But a few straddle the line or are definitely the more […]