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Larch Mountain, Oregon   8 comments

I’m taking a quick breather from the heavy science stuff  to highlight one of my favorite features of the area around Portland, Oregon, where I live:  the amazing extinct volcanoes.  There are at least 32 in the Portland metro area.  Oh right, well maybe this will involve a little bit of geology, which is science […]

I Love Mountains II   13 comments

This is the second of two parts on mountains, inspired by the theme post on Where’s my Backpack.  I have a ton of mountain images, and quite a few stories as well.  So I split the theme into two posts.  Check the first one out too. I fell in love with mountains when I was […]

I Love Mountains I   14 comments

I’m taking a break from the mind-bending stuff to post on one of my favorite subjects: mountains.  It’s inspired by a post on Ailsa’s blog.  The theme is mountains.  I’ve been a climber for quite a long time.  I have had such joyful experiences in the mountains.  Some have been scary, some miserable even, but […]

Larch Mountain   Leave a comment

  A quick break from the Africa roundup to say how great this place is, a stunning viewpoint not far from my house: Larch Mountain. It is an enormous extinct volcano that is easily visible from Portland, but often goes overlooked. People generally underestimate shield volcanoes, but they are Earth’s (and the solar system’s) largest […]

Friday Foto Talk: Pre-Visualization   6 comments

The past half-dozen or so Friday Foto Talks have focused on landscape photography.  The topic of this one, pre-visualization applies to all photography.  But it’s become apparent to me that many photography “experts” believe pre-visualization is critical when making landscape images.  That triggered my always-ready skepticism, so I thought I’d examine this assumption with a critical […]

Friday Foto Talk: Shoot in Any Weather   19 comments

Occasionally I see someone post on Facebook or mention elsewhere that they are anxious for the weather to cooperate so that they can get out with their cameras.  They’ll say they are inside playing in Photoshop because the weather is keeping them from shooting, or that they’re looking forward to getting out when the weather finally […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro Photography and Rails   Leave a comment

As promised, here’s a follow-up to my macro series.   Rails (or sliders) are devices that allow small movements of your camera without having to move the tripod.  The heart of a rail is its gear/screw mechanism, and the quality of the rail is in how finely this part is made. This post also aims to give […]

Weekly Foto Talk: Depth of Field I   8 comments

  Depth of field is one of the most important elements of photography. For most of your captures, you’ll need to more or less consciously control depth of field. You probably already know that aperture is the way to do that. You may also know that it is not the only tool at your disposal. […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Misty   20 comments

After checking out Ailsa’s weekly photo challenge and finding it was Misty this week, I couldn’t resist!  Most of these are from the archive but are fairly recent images.  A couple are very recent, taken with my point and shoot.  Please note these are copyright-protected and not available for free download without my permission.  Click on […]

Weekly Photo Talk: Reflections   25 comments

This post dovetails with the weekly photo challenge – Reflections.  I’ll be brief and to the point.  Here are some things to keep in mind when photographing reflections.  By the way, all of the images here are copyrighted and not available for free download without my permission.  If you are interested in one, just click on […]