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Friday Foto Talk: Very Close Focus in Landscape Photography   2 comments

Let’s continue with the focus on landscape photography.  I’m writing this on Saturday, April 16th.  My excuse is April 15th.  ‘Nuff said!  The topic is close focus, which is a challenge when shooting the near to far kind of landscape composition that is so popular today (it really wasn’t in the olden days). With those very […]

Friday Foto Talk: Intimate Landscapes   14 comments

Last week I posted under the somewhat ambitious title How to Shoot Landscapes.  I mentioned that landscapes come in all sizes, so this week we’ll look at the small scale world of landscape photography.  Most of the photos here are of this type, what I call intimate landscapes.  But a few straddle the line or are definitely the more […]

Friday Foto Talk: How to Shoot Landscapes   23 comments

It’s been awhile since I  participated in the WordPress weekly challenge.  This week it’s on something near and dear to my heart: Landscapes.  Check out everybody’s contributions: WPC – Landscape.  I love nearly every kind of photograph – travel, people, wildlife, macro – well, maybe not so much product photography, haha!  But landscapes are where I live.  It’s […]

Friday Foto Talk: Shoot in Any Weather   19 comments

Occasionally I see someone post on Facebook or mention elsewhere that they are anxious for the weather to cooperate so that they can get out with their cameras.  They’ll say they are inside playing in Photoshop because the weather is keeping them from shooting, or that they’re looking forward to getting out when the weather finally […]

Friday Foto Talk: Focus   4 comments

I’m feeling a little guilty about skipping a couple weeks of Friday Foto Talk.  My excuse is that I was mostly away from the internet, camping in the desert.  I think I’m about ready to collate all of these into an e-book (or two!).  Looking back I’ve poured a lot of my knowledge and experience […]

Friday Foto Talk: Subjective vs. Objective, Part II   6 comments

This is the second of two parts on how to approach your photo subjects.  Check out Part I for an introduction to this fairly subtle but important topic.  Thinking about how you tell the story of your subjects is a key step in any serious photographer’s journey.  The reason why I’m not calling this “literal” vs. “abstract” […]

Friday Foto Talk: Video Likes & Dislikes   11 comments

Happy Friday!  Here’s another installment of Likes/Dislikes, where I give my totally personal opinion on a trend or issue in photography.  I want to do a series on videography soon, so why not preview that by taking a subjective look at video?  I have so many still images from recently at Death Valley, so forgive […]

Visiting Zion National Park – Part IV   6 comments

Happy New Year!  Friday Foto Talk will return next week.  Let’s continue the travel series on Zion National Park in Utah. Zion is the 7th most popular national park in the U.S.  More than 3 million people visited last year alone!  What makes it feel more crowded than a park like Yellowstone (which sees at least a […]

Visiting Zion National Park: Part II   7 comments

This continues the series on Zion National Park in Utah.  We’ll focus this time on the history of American Indians in this part of the desert southwest.  Check out Part I for Zion’s pre-human history – its geology.  If you plan on visiting Zion, or any other place, with photography being a big deal for you, […]

Winter Photography, Part VI: Cold Shooting   16 comments

I’m not happy right now.  I had to leave Facebook (time for a break anyhow).  Not that it’s a big deal, but still, I don’t like being sort of forced into things.  You don’t want the dirty details.  Suffice to say, much as I believe I was born at least 100 years too late, I […]