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Friday Foto Talk: Post Processing Part III   17 comments

Friday Foto Talk: Post Processing – Part II   9 comments

I’m a shooter first, editor second.  But the modern era has provided such great variety of different software programs to use that it’s impossible to ignore the obvious:  post-processing is important.  We have available to us a virtually limitless supply of different editing treatments, and images can be manipulated to a degree never imagined by photographers of […]

Friday Foto Talk: Post-Processing – Part IV   10 comments

This continues my mini-series on post-processing.  Check out Parts I through III here.  The goal is to get you started, not to give blow-by-blow instruction on specific post-processing techniques.  For one thing I don’t consider myself qualified to go into detail on any computer-based skill.  For another, I don’t think I’d like the way my blog would […]

Friday Foto Talk: Post-Processing, Part I   5 comments

Last Friday wrapped up the short series of posts on learning photography.  But I thought I’d follow up this week with one more thing you need to think about: post-processing.  This post will cover general considerations and decisions you’ll need to make.  Next time I’ll go into specific software choices. When I first bought a […]

Foto Talk: Alternate Versions, Part II   2 comments

This is the second of three parts on creating alternate versions of the same basic image.  Definitely check out Part I; these are meant to go together.  Alternate versions are not totally different compositions, or one shot looking one direction and one the other.  They are those images you may group together on the screen to review and […]

Friday Foto Talk: Artistic Photography & Photoshop   14 comments

I’ve stayed away from this topic up until now, maybe because I don’t like beating a dead horse (or a living one for that matter!).  My recent series on Visualization led naturally to this subject.  So this week I’m going to post a fairly long one.  Feel free to copy it and read it later, […]

Friday Foto Talk: Visualization, Part II   6 comments

This is the third and final part on visualization in photography.  If this is interesting to you, definitely check out Pre-Visualization and Visualization, Part I.  This post will make much more sense if you read those first.  Except for the image at top, all of these shots are very recent, from southern Utah. Visualization and the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Black & White, Part II   4 comments

This continues the mini-series on black and white (B&W) photography.  Check out Part I for tips on what types of images lend themselves to B&W.  I really like trying monochrome processing with any shot, because you never know until you see the image.  A few things to keep in mind while shooting B&W: See in B&W: […]

Friday Foto Talk: Shoot in Any Weather   19 comments

Occasionally I see someone post on Facebook or mention elsewhere that they are anxious for the weather to cooperate so that they can get out with their cameras.  They’ll say they are inside playing in Photoshop because the weather is keeping them from shooting, or that they’re looking forward to getting out when the weather finally […]

Friday Foto Talk: Subjective vs. Objective, Part I   3 comments

Most of my Friday Foto Talk posts treat fairly standard photography topics.  This week I’d like to say something about subject interpretation.  This is the first of two parts.  This week we’ll look at basic ideas plus tips, then next week dive into real-world examples and ways to shoot.  Check out the images here for examples as well.  Click […]