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Friday Foto Talk: Point of View & Staying Safe   13 comments

Let’s follow-up on the topic point of view (POV) and in particular last week’s Foto Talk on ethics and legality.  As you begin to dream up and try a wide variety of positions to shoot from, you’ll find yourself getting more deeply involved with it.  It’s what photography is all about.  But before you get lost in the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Point of View – Ethics & Legality   4 comments

After the recent posts on point of view (POV), I realized I had been taking it for granted.  It’s the kind of thing that experienced photographers model naturally when shooting.  But they gloss over it and don’t talk about it enough when teaching.  Novices tend to be busy figuring out their cameras, exposure, where to focus, etc.  As a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Point of View, Part II   4 comments

This is the second of two parts on Point of View (POV) in photography.  Last week Part I looked at general position and angle related to subject and background.  This time I’ll focus on what most people think of when they think of POV: height. Point of View:  Height Let’s go back to when we first picked […]

Friday Foto Talk: Point of View, Part I   2 comments

Having tackled fairly heavy topics recently, it’s back to basics this week.  Basic but definitely not trivial.  Although point of view could describe your own subjective take on the subjects you shoot (part of your style), the term is used most often in photography to describe the physical location of your camera.  It’s abbreviated to POV. It boils down […]

Single-image Sunday: The Viewpoint   12 comments

One of my favorite viewpoints in the Columbia River Gorge is on the Oregon side, a short hike from the (Historic) highway.  I’ve had some trouble getting the perfect light, but this day I came close.  It’s sad it had to happen after my DSLR died, so this is with my point and shoot.  Though […]

Crown Point: A Short Scenic Drive from Portland   3 comments

I recently visited this lovely place not far east of town at the west end of the Columbia River Gorge.  With the injury I can’t do much hiking, horseback riding (of course) or even the gym.  Long drives are a bad idea too.  So I’ve been going up to my favorite little photo spots nearby. […]

Sunset from Munra Point   5 comments

Munra Point has become one of the places I head to when I’ve got some time before the sun goes down and I want exercise and also a chance at a good photo.  It lies in the Columbia River Gorge, not far east of my home in Portland.  It’s a steep and strenuous hike but […]

Friday Foto Talk: Disappointment   6 comments

My goal with these weekly topics is to cover things that are not covered well in other photo blogs, but which nevertheless must be faced and dealt with by every photographer.  So many photography blogs tend to be a little too technical (hello, it’s an art form!) or at the opposite extreme so filled with […]

The Grand Tetons: Overview   Leave a comment

I’ve been here a couple times over the past two years, once late August last year, and now in early October.  One of these years I may visit during the mid- to late-September period of peak Autumn colors.  But then again, given it’s popularity for photography workshops and groups during that time, maybe not.  Even […]

To Risk or Not to Risk (for a Photo)   15 comments

This question comes up more than I ever expected when I got serious about photography again and many years ago decided to join the digital wave.  I thought I was getting into a pursuit more sedate and less physical than the outdoor sports that had been breaking down my knees and other body parts for […]