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Friday Foto Talk: Overcoming Mental Obstacles   13 comments

I’m back!  Instead of offering excuses for my absence, I’m picking up where I left off as if nothing at all happened.  The good part of a break from blogging is I have plenty of new images to post.  They’ll give you an idea of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to lately. This […]

Friday Foto Talk: Overcoming Physical Obstacles   11 comments

This continues the mini-series on overcoming obstacles to great photography.  This Friday we look at two inter-related and very important obstacles: shooting position and physical barriers. Being Too Far Away “If you’re pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” is one of photography’s most basic truisms.  To illustrate, I’d like to share a little story. […]

Friday Foto Talk: Overcoming Obstacles – Light   5 comments

Good photography is all about overcoming obstacles.  And not just those easy ones like how to afford a good camera, or which tripod to buy.  It’s about tackling problems both internal and external, those you create yourself along with the ones that are present whether you decide to photograph or not. Light is one of […]

Friday Foto Talk: Overcoming Obstacles – Background   2 comments

On your way to great images, you’ll need to overcome a lot of obstacles.  You can instead think of it as doing the right things.  But what is right and what is wrong can be a subjective thing in photography.  So at the risk of appearing negative, I like to think of it as avoiding […]

Friday Foto Talk: Overcoming Obstacles – Subject   6 comments

Obstacles crop up as often in photography as they do life in general.  It’s tempting to think only in terms of technical problems (exposure, focus, etc.), and it’s true that techniques of photography can take up a lot of your thought and effort. But I’m not covering these sorts of obstacles for a simple reason. […]

Friday Foto Talk: Overcoming Obstacles Part I   10 comments

Making great images is harder than most people think.  It takes real effort to come up with shots that are relatively original, tell a story or elicit emotion, and are sensitive to subject.  And to do that with any degree of consistency is a tall task indeed. Technical mastery, though at times frustrating to learn, […]

Adventuring Mt. Rainier ~ In the Dark   6 comments

There really is no Cascade peak like Mount Rainier.  Mt. Hood is spectacularly beautiful.  Mt. Saint Helens has a dangerous beating heart.  And Glacier Peak is surrounded by the kind of wilderness that reminds of Alaska.  But Rainier is at another scale altogether.  Not only is it broad it’s lofty.  It is flanked by dramatically […]

Single-image Sunday: Fog and Fall Color   4 comments

Photographing fall color is never quite as easy as it seems.  It’s so easy to get excited about the vibrant trees, especially when they first turn.   I often find myself pointing the camera wherever the trees are, forgetting about finding interesting compositions and light.  And I know I’m not alone in that.  But after […]

Friday Foto Talk: Cloudless Skies – Part II   6 comments

Let’s continue with the subject of shooting under cloudless conditions, which for many of us is a real challenge.  You may even say clear blue skies are an obstacle to getting the photos you want.  But it’s not the only one.  Check out my other posts in this series for ways to get around all the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Cloudless Skies – Part I   8 comments

Clear skies:  a landscape photographer’s nightmare.  Okay, maybe that’s being a bit too melodramatic.  But cloudless conditions are a kind of obstacle related to light.  You can find a general discussion of light, as important obstacle to overcome, in a recent post.  I’ve been doing a whole series of posts on Friday Foto Talk dealing with obstacles, so check […]