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Friday Foto Talk: Learning Photography, Part IV   10 comments

This is the final installment in this short series on learning photography.  Check out the first three posts on this topic for tips on how to make the most of your time and money when you set out to get serious about making images.  Enjoy some images from my most recent two trips. WHAT LENSES TO […]

Friday Foto Talk: Learning Photography, Part III   6 comments

I’m late posting this Friday Foto Talk, shame on me!  My excuse is that I was in the woods for the last few days, away from internet and cell service.  This is the 3rd in a 4-part series on learning photography.  Not what to learn but how to go about it.  This short series has […]

Friday Foto Talk: Learning Photography – Part II   11 comments

I’m thinking you may need a break from Halloween-themed posts and pictures.   This is the second of three parts on learning photography.  Last Friday’s post introduced the topic. Using your learning time wisely is the reason for this short series about learning photography.  While those who are fairly new to photography may get the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Learning Photography – Part I   7 comments

How long have you been into photography?  Are you just starting out?  If so, you’re in for an adventure!  Learning how to make images you’re really proud of (as opposed to snapshots) is much more involved than it may seem at first.  That’s part of what makes it so fun! We all come to photography […]

Winter Photography, Part V: Get Away from the Road   6 comments

Let’s continue the series on photography in wintertime.  With the holiday season approaching, we all have more time off from work.  So don’t spend all of it inside baking cookies (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  Get out and shoot some too.  We’ve covered the getting there part, plus how to dress for winter.  Now […]

Myths of Photography: Use a Wide Angle Lens for Landscapes   11 comments

I’m starting an occasional series on common photography myths and misconceptions.  This one is pretty widespread.  It goes something like this:  “If you want to shoot landscapes, you need to do it with a wide angle lens.”  That’s often extended to “and the wider the better”.  It’s mostly assumed and not stated outright.  But it’s yet […]

Foto Talk: Abstract Patterns & Photography   6 comments

  It is very common in books and blogs on photography, and in workshops and classes, to highlight line and shape as being very important elements of good compositions. Count me among those who believe that.  In fact, I did a blog post on line that dives into the reasons they are so important. It would […]

Friday Foto Talk: Are Photography Workshops Worthwhile?   10 comments

This post is a day late; no internet is a mixed blessing!  It’s really a continuation of the larger topic of guided vs. unguided nature & landscape photography.  Check out last Friday’s Foto Talk for some introductory thoughts on the topic.  In the title of this post you may think I’m asking if workshops are […]

Stars and Photography (follow-up)   4 comments

A short post on photographing the night sky.  I’ve discussed this before, so won’t repeat myself.  If you want some general advice on this check my post and some of the many other web resources.  For some inspiration try Wally Pacholka’s site or that for TWAN. The above photo demonstrates a few interesting things about […]

Friday Foto Talk: Focus   4 comments

I’m feeling a little guilty about skipping a couple weeks of Friday Foto Talk.  My excuse is that I was mostly away from the internet, camping in the desert.  I think I’m about ready to collate all of these into an e-book (or two!).  Looking back I’ve poured a lot of my knowledge and experience […]