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Friday Foto Talk: Shooting without a Tripod   19 comments

  It’s Friday, yippee!  That means it’s time for Friday Foto Talk.  I’ve been out camping a lot lately so have been skipping weeks here and there.  This is the conclusion to my little series on tripod use (or non-use).    Check out the other three posts in the series. Do you find yourself without a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Tripods and When to Use Them   14 comments

Let’s continue with tripods.  Not what to buy, that’s not so interesting.  This series is about when and how to use them.  Check out the other posts. I’ve found many people don’t use tripods when they should, causing blurry pictures from camera movement.  But I’ve also seen plenty of people using them when they’re not […]

Friday Foto Talk: Using Your Tripod, Part II   9 comments

This is the second installment on tripods.  Not how to choose them; no recommendations on brands here.  Instead we’re going into when and how to use your tripod.  When is a tripod necessary?  And when can you get away with going light and doing hand-held photography? It seems to me there is some confusion about tripod use out there. […]

Friday Foto Talk: Tripod or Not, Part I   6 comments

Tripods are one of the most essential of photography accessories.  That’s mostly because stabilizing the camera is the surest route to sharp images.  But in case you’re wondering, let me say right off the bat that this post is not about choosing a tripod.  I assume you either already have or soon will have a […]

Friday Foto Talk: Alternate Compositions of the Same Image   2 comments

Sometimes you have just one opportunity to get a shot.  You have to whip that camera up and shoot.  If you’re not ready the moment is gone.  But more often there is time to capture different versions of the same subject.  Since landscape photography is so applicable to this, and because I do a lot of it (I’m […]

Friday Foto Talk: Video & Macro   2 comments

This series on casual video for the still photographer has mostly stuck to the basics.  I’ve done that to show how easy it is to start shooting video.  None of these videos have been edited either.  I want to head off the excuse that some people use, that they have no time to learn a whole […]

Friday Foto Talk: Video & Landscapes   2 comments

I took a break last week from Friday Foto Talk.  I hope everybody’s new year is starting off right.  I’m going to conclude the series on video for still photographers with two or three posts focusing on common subjects that you might want to film, with tips on how to make the most of those opportunities.  […]

Friday Foto Talk: Video in the Field   1 comment

I’d love to know how much you all are getting out of this little series on video basics for still photographers.  Are you getting excited about shooting a video or two to go along with your stills?  Have you been pressing that red button more often lately?  Or at least thinking about it? Last time […]

Friday Foto Talk: Video on the Move   5 comments

This is the 3rd part of my mini-series on video for the unrepentant still photographer.  The over-arching premise is that, no matter how in love with still photography you happen to be, there is always a enough time to add in a bit of videography.  If you need real reasons to press that play button, check out Part […]

Foto Talk: Video Basics   4 comments

Let’s continue the series on video.  Check out the introductory post if you have a minute.  My goal in this series is to convince those of you who’ve been happily capturing still photos to give video a try.  If you’re already doing it, good for you!  Either way, read on for some tips on composing videos and making […]

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