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The Palouse IV: Travel Tips   3 comments

The Palouse in southeastern Washington is one of those areas of the Pacific Northwest that does not receive many visitors.  It is out of the way and not nearly as spectacular as the Cascades or the Coast.  But if you are into photography you really can’t do much better.  It is a slice of rural […]

The Palouse III – Loess & Farming   1 comment

I just returned from a trip to southeastern Washington.  The Palouse region north of the Snake River and stretching along the Idaho border was my prime destination.  Among landscape photographers, the Palouse is justifiably famous for its unique landscape of rolling, wave-like fields of wheat.  It is a very rich farming region, primarily known for […]

Friday Foto Talk: the Palouse II (Photo Trip Planning/Approach)   7 comments

I’ve been thinking about how I make my decisions on where to go and what to photograph while on the road.  I’m returning now from the Palouse, a spread-out region in southeastern Washington state that is quite popular with landscape photographers.  I did as much planning as I ever do before any trip; that is, […]

The Palouse, Part I   10 comments

I’ve finally checked something off my list I’ve been wanting to do for about two years.  That is, spend some quality time in Washington state’s Palouse region.  This is the rich farmland that stretches in a NE-trending belt along the Snake River southeastern Washington.  It laps over into southwestern Idaho. The Palouse is justifiably famous […]

Rural America, Part II: The Pacific Northwest   10 comments

America is still largely a rural nation.  And not just in terms of area.  Many states lack major cities and most people still live rurally.  In states with metropolises, a well-documented trend, the return of Americans to city centers, has been going on for some time.  But another trend has continued unnoticed, and it involves […]

Friday Foto Talk: Visualization, Part II   6 comments

This is the third and final part on visualization in photography.  If this is interesting to you, definitely check out Pre-Visualization and Visualization, Part I.  This post will make much more sense if you read those first.  Except for the image at top, all of these shots are very recent, from southern Utah. Visualization and the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Very Close Focus in Landscape Photography   2 comments

Let’s continue with the focus on landscape photography.  I’m writing this on Saturday, April 16th.  My excuse is April 15th.  ‘Nuff said!  The topic is close focus, which is a challenge when shooting the near to far kind of landscape composition that is so popular today (it really wasn’t in the olden days). With those very […]

Friday Foto Talk: How to Shoot Landscapes   23 comments

It’s been awhile since I  participated in the WordPress weekly challenge.  This week it’s on something near and dear to my heart: Landscapes.  Check out everybody’s contributions: WPC – Landscape.  I love nearly every kind of photograph – travel, people, wildlife, macro – well, maybe not so much product photography, haha!  But landscapes are where I live.  It’s […]

Energy   7 comments

It’s been ages since I’ve done a challenge theme.  And Ailsa comes up with some great travel themes on her blog Where’s My Backpack?.  Energy can be neither created or destroyed, says the physicist.  But the ways in which it is transported and concentrated have always fascinated me. Also it’s interesting to think about what […]

Spring in the Pacific Northwest – Part I   8 comments

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest can last a full 4 months!  That’s right, 1/4 of the year for a season that doesn’t even exist in some places, and in others (the far north for example) it is a couple weeks of melting snow and ice – it’s called breakup not spring in Alaska.  This is […]