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Friday Foto Talk: Video & Macro   2 comments

This series on casual video for the still photographer has mostly stuck to the basics.  I’ve done that to show how easy it is to start shooting video.  None of these videos have been edited either.  I want to head off the excuse that some people use, that they have no time to learn a whole […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro Photography “in Flow”   5 comments

This series on flow and photography has taken on a life of its own; but don’t worry, it’s almost over!  If you haven’t been following along, flow is that state of intense focus where we lose track of time.  Check out Part I and Part II for tips on how to apply it to photography […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro Photography and Rails   Leave a comment

As promised, here’s a follow-up to my macro series.   Rails (or sliders) are devices that allow small movements of your camera without having to move the tripod.  The heart of a rail is its gear/screw mechanism, and the quality of the rail is in how finely this part is made. This post also aims to give […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro & Close-up Photography, Part V   6 comments

Okay, this is it!  The final part of my mini-series on macro and close-up photography.  I haven’t explained step by step how exactly to do macro photography, but I hope you’ve gotten enough tips to be confident getting started, and that the more advanced photographers among you have gotten something out of it as well. Depending […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro & Close-up Photography, Part IV   12 comments

This post will explore ways to incorporate your macro photography into regular shooting.  I’m of the belief that the human brain naturally desires to order the world.  So we all categorize, some more than others.  While this isn’t in itself a bad thing, it can lead to a sort of tunnel vision (really several tunnels).  All […]

Friday Foto Talk – Macro & Close-up Photography, Part III   8 comments

It’s time to dive into the nuts and bolts of this subject.  I mentioned in Part II that depth of field and focus were major challenges when doing macro & close-up photography.  So this post will focus on these two inter-related issues, using a few examples. POSITIONING The closer you get to your subject, the […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro & Close-up Photography, Part II   9 comments

(Since I wasn’t going to be on a computer tomorrow – Friday – I meant to schedule this post ahead one day.  But I mistakenly hit Publish!  Haha~so it’s a day early, what’s the harm!) It’s time for Part II of this little series on macro and close-up photography.  So let’s get right to it. […]

Friday Foto Talk: Macro & Close-up Photography, Part I   13 comments

I’ve been doing more macro and close-up photography lately.  It’s something I’ve always loved.  The details of the natural world just fascinate me.  I like small critters.  Some of them are so feisty!  And I love wildflowers!  Yes I know I don’t look the part, but why can’t a big ugly guy like to play in a […]

A Dose of Macro Fun   5 comments

  A little time-out from normal place-based blogging for some miscellaneous macro images.  I’ve been out hiking lately, as the weather has turned gorgeous.  And when I’m hiking, well let’s just say that I’m easily distracted by the small.  So here are a few close-up pictures from recent days.  Enjoy…       Remember to […]

Friday Foto Talk: Meditation & Photo Flow   10 comments

This is the second in a series on the state of flow in photography.   Check out Part I for introductory ideas and general concepts.  Flow, known also as being “in the zone”, is a mental state most of us are personally familiar with.  While it includes intense concentration, it’s a whole lot more.  Photo flow, at its essence, […]