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Grand Staircase IV: Ode to My Playground   2 comments

I have to say goodbye, for now, to my playground the Grand Staircase.  Hopefully I can visit on this trip my other favorite playground of the southwest, Death Valley.  Before I go, an ode to this beautiful and forbidding land.  When I was 12 years old my family took all of us to Colorado to […]

Grand Staircase III – Travel Info.   Leave a comment

The Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument covers a huge area in southwestern Utah.  Zion National Park is directly west while Capitol Reef N.P. and Glen Canyon Recreation Area lie to the east.  Lake Powell and the Arizona border skirts it to the south.  Two highways, U.S. 89 and Utah 12, encircle all but the east side […]

The Grand Staircase II   Leave a comment

The oldest Grand Staircase’s steps, the Chocolate Cliffs, are mostly Permian in age.  This is the time before dinosaurs, when reptiles and amphibians ruled the world.  But most of the formations in the Staircase were laid down during the Mesozoic Era.  They span the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods – more than 130 million years!  They […]

The Grand Staircase I   Leave a comment

The Grand Staircase is part of the Colorado Plateau and lies mostly in southern Utah but creeps over into northern Arizona as well.  It is the defining geographic and geologic feature of the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument.  Charles Keyes, one of the early geologists to study this remote region was the first to use the […]

Adventuring Grand Canyon ~ Toroweap   9 comments

The Grand Canyon is on the bucket lists of many of us.  Most head to the south rim where all the tourist facilities are.  This little story is about the much less popular north rim, which is worth visiting too.  But wait, it’s not even about the more popular north rim, where the lodge is […]

Grand Canyon’s North Rim   4 comments

Here you’ll find the other, less-crowded side of the Grand Canyon.  Many years ago I visited the South Rim, and experienced the highway that some of the trails over there can be.  It is a spectacular place no matter which side you visit, so don’t let anyone convince you it is not worth visiting the […]

Rural America ~ Desert Southwest Road-trips: Kanab to Ridgway   9 comments

America is a big place.  There are large swathes of it that retain a rural or even wild character.  In the rural areas you’ll primarily see homes surrounded by lawns and landscaping.  No garden, no chickens, goats or horses.  No dairy cow supplying milk to the family.  And in fact little visual evidence of a family.  Where are […]

Two for Tuesday: Pet Diversity   4 comments

Diversity is a term that is used a lot these days.  I like to think of it not as something we “should” strive for but something that is here and that we should enjoy and make the most of.  And that goes for every aspect of our lives, including our pets. It’s been a while […]

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Friday Foto Talk: Photography in National Parks, Part III   6 comments

This is a follow-up to the recent series on photography in national parks.  For these mini-series, they just seem to naturally make up the nice round number of three parts. Closures & Budget In one of those posts I listed some of my likes and dislikes on shooting in national parks.  Here is one more […]

Visiting Zion National Park – Part IV   6 comments

Happy New Year!  Friday Foto Talk will return next week.  Let’s continue the travel series on Zion National Park in Utah. Zion is the 7th most popular national park in the U.S.  More than 3 million people visited last year alone!  What makes it feel more crowded than a park like Yellowstone (which sees at least a […]