Single-image Sunday: Lifting Fog   6 comments

Fog lifts over the southern California coast ranges.

Fog lifts over the southern California coast ranges.

No Friday Foto Talk this week, sorry ’bout that.  I needed a little break.  Instead I’ll post an image from where I camped for several nights waiting for my vehicle to be worked on.  It’s in southern California, but inland from the coast in a southern extension of the San Bernadino Mountains.  It was cool up there, especially toward morning when the bright stars disappeared and dense fog rolled in just before sunrise.  It was a very consistent weather pattern.

A short time after the sun was up the fog would lift and begin to burn off.  This let in those beautiful beams of light called crepuscular rays, which illuminated the valley below.  Besides me the only others appreciating the show were the birds plus a few cows.  Much of the native vegetation above the valley floor is dry and brittle, with a golden hue reminiscent of fall.  California remains in a serious drought.

The shot is one of several that were difficult to choose from.  Together they show a progression of the fog lifting, from fairly dense fog to brilliant pale blue skies with clouds.  They were taken on different days but the weather conditions were virtually identical so they seem as if they were all from one morning.  This one captures the middle part of the process.

Thanks for looking!

6 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Lifting Fog

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  1. What a super shot. Fog is SO nice for photographing!!!

  2. I really love this kind of light and you worked very well with it.

  3. I love this one!

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