Friday Foto Talk – Enjoy the Moment!   6 comments

Trout fishing anyone? Crooked River, Oregon.

This is a short Foto Talk.  The light was beautiful this morning at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon.  Even though dawn lacked that warm orange or pink glow we all associate with beautiful sunrises & sunsets, it was a lovely morning for a walk and some photography.

So in the middle of shooting, and just after getting the image at top, I paused and stood on that rock, admiring the river.  I wished I could snap my fingers and make my camera gear switch instantly to fishing gear.  The Crooked River is a fine trout stream, and all of a sudden I was into enjoying the moment, not photographing it.  Bald eagles were nesting nearby too, and at one point a half-dozen little goslings followed mom across the river.

On the grassy banks of the Crooked River in central Oregon.

So today it boils down to one tip and one tip only:  enjoy the moment.  Actually, enjoy a lot of them!  Wherever you are, and whatever kind of photography you’re doing, take time out occasionally to simply enjoy your surroundings and your subject.  It’s the reason we do this, to show others through images how we feel: about a place, a person, or whatever subject we’re focusing on.

So leave some time for those feelings to flower.  Don’t make photography so much like work.  And now I need to find a fishing rod compact enough to fit in my photo pack!  Have a great weekend everyone.

Morning sun hits the walls that line the Crooked River at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon.

Morning sun hits the walls that line the Crooked River at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon.

6 responses to “Friday Foto Talk – Enjoy the Moment!

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  1. Enjoy the moment: That’s golden words – in photography – and life.
    And – as always – your photos are amazing!

  2. Great advice. But glad you had your camera with you so that we get to enjoy some of those moments too! Thanks, Michael.

    Melissa Shaw-Smith
  3. 40 years in Oregon and I still haven’t been to Smith Rocks. [*sigh*]

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