Mountain Monday: Big Chief   10 comments


This beautiful mountain lies in northern Montana not far from the Canadian border.  It has great significance to the local Blackfeet.  It was a major landmark for trappers and other early explorers of the early 19th century heading west across the northern plains to the Rockies.  Big Chief, which is 9081 feet high, is protected not only by Glacier National Park, but also by the Blackfeet.  It’s eastern and northern slopes are on reservation land, and it is sacred to the tribe.

To see it you need to travel up the east side of Glacier N.P., going north from the turnoff for Many Glacier.  Travel up Highway 17 like you’re going across into Canada, and several views of the peak present themselves.  To get even closer of course you need to hike.  Just before the border station a parking area is on the left side of the road.  The trail, which is the northern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail, heads up the valley of the Bow River into Glacier’s heart.  It’s a spectacular area.

10 responses to “Mountain Monday: Big Chief

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  1. Beautiful picture!

  2. Whoa! I have to see that. Do you know if the Blackfeet run any horse-pack trips in that area, Mr. Flaherty?

    • It’s mostly in the park Rich, so I don’t think so. They might, it’d be a great ride up the Bow River. There are a number of beautiful lakes with plenty of fish to camp beside, with mountains all around, not just Big Chief. Plenty of Grizzly too.

  3. Spectacular buttress!

  4. Wow, it’s stunning!

  5. Amazing… 🙂

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