Two for Tuesday: Humbled   13 comments

I think the power of images to tell stories is one of the biggest reasons so many of us enjoy both making and viewing them.  It’s very hard to make a single picture tell a story, at least a story that a wide variety of people will connect with.  While that’s no reason to avoid trying, it also means you’re likely setting yourself up for failure if you expect images like that to come along frequently.

Certainly easier than a single-image story is putting together a group or collection of pictures that together tell a story.  But that may be too easy.  Which brings me to the idea behind Two for Tuesdays.  A pair of pictures is the perfect compromise!  And heck, Tuesdays didn’t really have a good (that is, unforced) theme.  So on occasion I’ll use this day of the week to post a pair of images that will tell a story or make an important point.

Like Wordless Wednesdays, I’ll let the images do the talking, and thus (from here on out) provide words only in the posts’ titles.  By the way, one of these images I already included in a post not long ago.  The second one begged to be posted as well, but I resisted for some reason.  Turns out this was the reason!





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13 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Humbled

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  1. Fantastic action image.

  2. Perfect!

  3. That top image is really powerful. You can feel the violence in the shot. I like the idea of a two for Tuesday and look forward to more.

  4. This is an excellent picture on a couple of levels. For the ‘non-cowboy’ types one can clearly see why the bull is bucking. They tie his ballocks in a knot! I was once told by a cowboy type that the reason Mr. Ed appeared to talk was because they stuck a burr up under his lip so, in trying to get it out, the equine appeared to be talking. A real barrel of laughs. I believe the the proprietor of this blog is familiar with the Western gentleman who knows this.

  5. The two go together perfectly. Great idea! I’ll be watching Two For Tuesday!

  6. Great action shot on the first one and I guess you would call the second one a reaction shot. I like how these go together.

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