Single-Image Sunday: Working a Waterfall   17 comments

This week’s Friday Foto Talk was on working the subject, so I thought I’d post a shot from last year at Abiqua Falls.  It’s a lovely waterfall in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.  It isn’t real easy to get to, involving a drive on logging roads and a short but very steep hike down to the river.  Despite this, the waterfall is pretty popular with local photographers.

I’ve only visited once, but it was on a mostly cloudy Sunday afternoon with fairly flat light.  I also had the place to myself.  So I decided to take my time and explore every vantage point in the natural bowl, ringed by cliffs of basalt, that the falls drops into.  Almost all the photos I’ve seen of this particular falls are taken from nearly the same straight on viewpoint, which is the spot you end up when you’re hiking there.

After crossing the stream and clambering up the side for a high view and working along the streamside for a super-low point of view, I waded to a large rock in the middle of the stream and climbed up to the top.  This gave me a medium-height position looking straight up the stream to the falls – perfect for a vertical frame.

Hours had passed since I had arrived and dusk was approaching.  The cloud-filtered light changed, and for a few brief moments the basalt grotto turned a subtle warm russet color.  There is orange-tinted lichen on the columnar basalt near the falls, so any decent light here is a bonus.

I thought it was a wrap, but on the hike back out in failing light, I managed a couple long exposures of the green-themed stream corridor.  So it was busy and fun shoot where I almost (but not quite) shot this subject to death!  Have a great week!

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

17 responses to “Single-Image Sunday: Working a Waterfall

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  1. Gorgeous and captivating.

  2. Your work is so beautiful Mike!

  3. Beautiful, exceptionally well-composed. Great shot.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful energetic shot

  6. Which river? 

  7. Beautiful image. Worth the work!

  8. You really walked the walk on this one. patience is something I need to cultivate yet. What were your camera settings in this dimming light?


  9. Wonderful shot. I was half expecting a video of you slashing through the bush to get to all these angles of the falls.

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