Friday Foto Talk: Post Processing Part III   17 comments

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  1. Also, I had a question… generally I will take one photo and apply some edits to it. Then it seems that it is possible to apply the same changes only photo by photo… is there another way to synch a bunch of photos, without first saving those edits as a preset?

    • Sure you can..Kan! I’m assuming you are working in Lightroom. Two ways to do it. First, apply all the edits to a single photo, then go to library module, select that photo, and ctrl/cmd click to add all the other photos you want to have those same edits. Then click “synch settings” at lower left. You’ll get a window that lets you select the parameters you want to synch, then synch them. Also, in library module, you can select a bunch of photos that you want the same edits on. Then go to develop module. The first one you selected will be displayed, and you’ll apply the edits you want to that one. Then you just click “auto synch” at lower right and all the photos you had selected get those same edits. Good luck!

  2. Very useful tips, Mike 🙂

  3. For a few days after shooting a new batch of pictures they mostly all seem good or at least to have potential. Go back a few weeks later after that initial buzz has worn off and it seems far easier to delete big bunches of them.

  4. Beautiful images accompany this good advice.

  5. I like your definition of special. I have come to appreciate that more over time.

  6. Great advice and superb images to enjoy along the way. Many thanks 🙂

  7. Great example images!

  8. Beautiful!

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