Revisiting the Leaves   1 comment

I so rarely re-blog, but this is one that struck home. Thanks Jakz!

Life As I Pretend To Know It

While taking a walk through the neighborhood, stepping along the sidewalks strewn with fallen, crunchy leaves, I found my mind repeatedly drawn back to a somewhat absurd thought.

I think I wouldn’t mind being a leaf.

In their earliest of days, leaves break forth from their buds touting vibrant colors. They bring with them fresh life and the hope of spring, despite arriving in the slowly receding gray days of winter. They instantly greet life fully, welcoming the warmth of the sun as they reach for the skies above. They dance in the wind and let the rain splash across their surfaces. They embrace their life and where they were placed in this world.

As their days progress, slowly, steadily, they mature. They grow broader, hardier, and their reach extends further. Their ability to shade the world from the harsh sun increases, just in time for summer’s grand appearance. During the…

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging this! Quite the honor that you’d share your space here, I truly appreciate it!

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