Single-image Sunday: Evening Light   4 comments

Evening comes on early these November days, so if I get the urge to shoot at sunset I’m usually rushing out, not leaving enough time.  That was the case the other day.  Since I was running late and thought I’d probably not shoot anything until the sun had dipped below the horizon, I automatically thought, ‘where’s the nearest water?’  When the light gets low just after sunset, light is beautiful but foregrounds can get very dark.  Water, or some other reflective surface like snow, is often the best bet.

The Cimarron River was nearby so I drove fast in that direction.  I parked near the bridge and scrambled down to the water.  In my hurry I strode confidently right up to the water’s edge, without checking the footing.  My front foot hit firm mud that was as slick as ice, and I did a split, with my front leg shin-deep in the river.  Even when I was a young guy, splits weren’t really part of my repertoire.  Now, they’re darn awkward!

I was muddy and one foot was already soaked.  So I just took off both shoes and, after checking the depth, waded out into the river.  I stuck the tripod legs into the mud of the river bottom and got this shot.  The light had a beautiful purplish hue to it.  Have a great week everyone!

The sun has just set along the Cimarron River, OK

The sun has just set along the Cimarron River, OK

4 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Evening Light

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  1. Beautiful! I had no idea nature photography was such a dangerous business! Hope you are ok. 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunning image.

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