I’m Alive!   15 comments

Grass waves in the breeze of dusk in the prairie of western Oklahoma.

I’m not one to apologize for not posting in a long time, but I have to admit to feeling a little guilty just the same.  I took a break that was supposed to be just August and maybe part of September.  It has stretched for longer than I expected.  Guess I just needed to recharge my batteries.

I’m on my second photo trip during that time, and I’ve also been working a lot.  I spent the first couple weeks of September in Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Rocky Mtn. National Parks.  Now I’m in SW Colorado and very excited about the upcoming lunar eclipse.

The night before I left on this trip, just after we finished up with the project, I went out to shoot at sunset.  I lucked out and found a pretty stretch of tall-grass prairie.  Very tall grass, the kind that reaches up to my chin, is something I’ve always loved.  With the light very nice, and the only sound some distant coyotes calling, it was a peaceful way to get ready for my trip to the southern Rockies.  I know sunsets are a bit cliche, but I’ll never believe they are overdone.

So I just wanted to let everyone know I haven’t dropped out.  I’m hitting the blogging trail again!  Hope everything is going well with all of you.  I can’t wait to get time and check out what you’ve been up to.  Have a great week!

Sunset in the tallgrass prairie.

15 responses to “I’m Alive!

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  1. Gorgeous images. Glad you’re back!

  2. Maybe sunsets are a bit cliche – but THE LIGHT around sunset (and sunrise!) is often great. I wish I could travel in the regions of USA where you are – and have the opportunity to see and photograph these landscapes.
    Super photos!!!

  3. Thanks everyone for the nice welcome! It’s great to know you all haven’t given up on me.

  4. I’ve missed you, your incrediblely beautiful photos and blog. You help me to keep learning and learning about my camera and photography. So glad you’re having wonderful trips and photo experience. I’ve had a good time with my camera but haven’t had time to look at my zillion airshow photos or Michigan photos. Thank you

    Annette Arnold-Boyd
  5. Good to have you back Michael!

  6. Welcome back. I have missed your beautiful photography. 🙂

  7. Beautiful photos–looking forward to many more. Welcome back.

    Melissa Shaw-Smith
  8. Welcome back, Michael!

  9. Great title! The trips, the sunset and the promise of future blogs all sound great.

  10. Great to see you back!

  11. Absolutely fabulous!

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