Single-image Sunday: First Light   17 comments

This is the first sunrise with my new camera.  I finally ended the drought by recently buying a barely used Canon 6D.  I also bought a lens to go with it, a wide-angle zoom that Canon just came out with.  It’s the 16-35mm. f/4L.  I really haven’t used it much yet.  But I’m hoping it is a good landscape lens.  This image was shot with a different lens.

Often sunrise is so beautiful over the prairie near where I am right now.  The sky can be truly spectacular, even though the terrain is flat.  The light fog hanging in the low places was surprising.  The nights are so warm here at this time of year that fog rarely forms.  I imagine that will change later in the year.  But for now the early morning is wonderful.  It’s the only time of the day when the temperature is comfortable.

I had to scramble to shoot this right after waking up.  I like how it turned out, I’m pretty happy with the camera.  It does not focus as well as my 5D III did, but that camera has pro-level autofocus and this one doesn’t.  Usually not a problem with the kind of images I generally shoot, but with wildlife or candid shots of people I could see it being an issue.  Other than autofocus, plus the fact it is obviously not as well sealed against the weather, I can’t see many differences between the 6D and 5D III.  They both have full-frame sensors.

I hope you all are enjoying your summers.  I am taking a break from doing Friday Foto Talks in August.  I’ll get back to it, promise.  Now I’m off to explore this area.  I have a few days off, yippee!.  Thanks for looking.

First Light on the Prairie (and for me & my new camera)

First Light on the Prairie (and for me & my new camera)



17 responses to “Single-image Sunday: First Light

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  1. ….and what a light! Adventurous and magical landscape photo….

  2. So glad you have a good camera again. If this image is any indication, it should be fabulous.

  3. Excellent !

  4. Thanks so very much everyone for the comments. I will try to get back in the swing of things soon. Have a fantastic week!

  5. Fabulous sunrise!

  6. Wonderful light!!!! Enjoy a lot!!! It looks promising!!!

  7. Great shot. Enjoy your time off and the new camera.

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. Wonderful image!

  10. Simply beautiful!

  11. I love it. Enjoy your “Friday’s off” and we’ll look forward to your words of wisdom in Sept. I appreciate all you do. Enjoy your new camera!!!!!

  12. I’m glad to hear you are back in business.

  13. Outstanding! 🙂

  14. In awe….

  15. Wow, must have been an amazing experience to catch that moment.

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