Single-image Sunday: Danum Valley Magic   16 comments

Danum Valley, Borneo

Danum Valley, Borneo

I am posting this image because I need to post something.  I just completed a big post for this week’s Foto Talk.  It involved a lot of thought and about 6 hours of work.  You will never see it now and I won’t ever see it again either.  That’s because I thought it had been saved as a draft by WordPress but it was not.  Learn from my mistake and never ever trust WordPress to save any of your work online, no matter how many times it has worked correctly for you before.

I am going to figure out now how to do posts offline, separate from WordPress, and import them into the blog and have them look the way I want.  I tried this in the beginning and it was difficult to get the posts to look right.  But now I find it is necessary to really learn this before doing any more blogging.  All it takes is once to waste hours of work and have it come to nothing for you to commit to doing things differently.  So never trust WordPress to save drafts, never.

By the way this is a shot from several years ago when I visited the island of Borneo.  It was really a fantastic experience, and I’d really like to go back and dive back into that amazing  jungle, however much I hate leeches!  Have a great week everyone.

16 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Danum Valley Magic

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  1. Poor thing!!!! I hate computers when this kind of things happens,,,,I feel unable to solve it!!! All this vocabulary is quite obscure to me…
    The image is absolutely great!!!!

  2. Thanks for letting us learn from your mistake…well actually WordPress’s mistake. Your blog is amazing and this photo is awesome! 🙂

  3. Sorry for you having this bad experience with wordpress.
    3 years ago I travelled in Borneo – and in Danum Valley. It was a fantastic and unforgettable experience – a pearl and an oasis in the barren oil palm desert …

    • Yeah if I ever go back I want to find other Danum Valleys. I hope they’re still there, in Kalimantan or Sarawak. But I’ll also go back there. It’s a special place.

  4. So sorry to hear about all the time wasted on your post but thanks for the heads-up. I will be doing a bit of back-up on my hard drive also after your experience.

  5. If you go to text mode, you can cut-and-paste to Word as a backup, including all the images.

    I think you must be using because I don’t think I can get as elegant margins for images when there are captions. I presume that what I am about to say will be the same as for WordPress created consternation a few months ago in land by removing much of the functionality of the image editing interface. They would have brought much of it back before it got to but the capacity for percentage resizing would still be gone (unless an add-in for that is now available). That got me thinking and I knocked up an Excel utility to resize images to a constant area. I then went a step further and created a Word macro to automatically resize images for a post (provided you are using standard aspect ratios). (I tried automating other things that way as well but inverted commas (“”) wouldn’t translate between Word and the WordPress editor.

    I wonder whether I should backup all my posts as well (Dashboard/ Tools/ Export) just in case of some catastrophic faliure of WordPress servers or whether that is being unjustifiably paranoid.

    • Thank you, Murray, for the suggestions. I had been copying and pasting (into OpenOffice writer) every one of my posts, but after posting. There’s no reason not to make it a habit to do that first anytime you save as a draft and then again before you post. I don’t think you’re being paranoid in wanting to have all your posts backed up on your own hard drives. Your writing represents too much to not want it backed up with as much care as you give your images themselves.

  6. Great shot, but I’ll cross Borneo off my list. I can do without the leeches. 🙂

    • Oh Rosemarie Borneo is so amazing don’t do it. I only experienced bad leeches once in 2 weeks there. It was hiking in the forest pictured in fact, and boy did they ever make up for their absence on the rest of my trip!

  7. Love the image–it looks wonderfully hot and steamy. I empathize with your blog woes. Yup, I do all mine off-line and then cut and paste, then insert photos. One tip I picked up about formating for WordPress is to always use “Soft Returns” between lines or paragraphs that you don’t want to be too gapy. Hope that makes sense.

    • Thanks! I just don’t like the way the text changes its appearance when you paste it in. Also double spaces between sentences magically shrink to 1 space. I know about the returns thing. Guess there are other quirks. I had a chance to copy and save the post into my folder (which I always do but after posting). I just thought it had already been saved as a draft by WP. Not a good plan composing on WordPress I guess, too risky.

  8. Such a beautiful photo! Sorry to hear your draft disappeared. I learned that the hard way, too. So incredibly frustrating!

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