Single-image Sunday: The Viewpoint   12 comments

One of my favorite viewpoints in the Columbia River Gorge is on the Oregon side, a short hike from the (Historic) highway.  I’ve had some trouble getting the perfect light, but this day I came close.  It’s sad it had to happen after my DSLR died, so this is with my point and shoot.  Though pictures like this captured with a lower-resolution camera and cheaper lens look okay on the web, it is when you print at larger sizes when a DSLR with good glass will show a big difference.  But I like the image anyway.

There are several spots from which to photograph at this place, which is one reason I like it.  All of the spots you need to perch on the edge of a cliff, so you can’t be afraid of heights.  It’s funny, but I’ve become more cautious over the years around drop-offs.  There was a time I would walk right up and stand at the edge; now I am more likely to hunch down and even lay on my belly to get close.

The other reason I love this place is that it appears to be relatively unknown by other photographers; I’ve never seen another there.  It’s a great view upriver into the heart of the Gorge.  Notice the barge moving slowly upriver.  Hope your weekend is going well.  Thanks for looking.


12 responses to “Single-image Sunday: The Viewpoint

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  1. A beautiful secret spot. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. I was late for work this morning. I got caught up in reading past posts of yours. The tips are great. But number one must be always have your camera wrapped around your neck. Even if it’s on a tripod. That way, when it fell off the side of the cliff, maybe you would have gone down with it, but think of the shots you with have got! Priceless! 🙂

  3. I understand if this is one of your favourite viewpoints. Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful.

  5. It is a beautiful spot. It’s nice to have a little place just to yourself. When I was in Death Valley I avoided the popular places like Zabriskie Point and found spots that were a little bit more of a hike but provided the same results without all the other people around.

    • I agree Rich. I’ve been to DV 8 or 9 times for about a week each and only visited Zabriskie twice, with a camera only once. I go off the principle that these spots are popular because they are beautiful but also because they are easy to access. This and many other places I’ve found aren’t difficult to access, it just takes a little imagination and willingness to explore.

  6. I wish I could get photos like that with my point and shoot. But then again you would never find me on the edge of a drop off. You are a brave soul.

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