Single-image Sunday: Full Moon Ski   6 comments

This has been quite the skinny year for skiing in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon & Washington.  I took the opportunity yesterday to go with a couple photographer friends up to Potato Hill  up in the mountains (don’t ask me why it’s called that).  I was on my XC skis and they snowshoed.  The summit area has a wonderful view of several rugged high peaks of the Central Oregon Cascades.

Down at the highway, the snow had melted much too early for this time of year, and there were bare patches.  But once we climbed most of the 1500 feet to the viewpoint, the snow was in great condition – smooth and spring-like.  I really enjoyed being back on my skis.

Though we had a colorful sunset and a misty moonrise, I think I like this shot from later in the evening, just before we left.  The moon had just crested the hill and was shining beautifully on the pristine snow.  Skiing down fast in the moonlight was a lot of fun.  Hope your weekend has been just as fun!

Moonlight on snow, Cascade Mtns, Oregon

Moonlight on snow, Cascade Mtns, Oregon

6 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Full Moon Ski

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  1. I was just in that area last weekend and couldn’t believe how little snow there was. Not what one would typically expect at this time of year. Glad to see you were able to venture and find more snow, the image you captured is beautiful.

  2. Nice to see a monochrome from you–lovely and serene.

  3. Looks quite eerie.

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