Single-image Sunday: Victoria Falls   8 comments

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe-Zambia border.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe-Zambia border.

I was uploading today to Fine-Art America (a website for displaying and selling all sorts of artwork) and came on some images from an African journey a few years ago.  As you know I like to post an image on Sunday that relates somehow to Friday’s Foto Talk post.  How does this one relate to clouds?  Well, with this much mist and spray it is very like shooting in fog and low cloud.  In fact, the local name for Victoria Falls is Mosi O Tunya, which translates in the Tongan language to ‘smoke that thunders’.  There is another (special) reason why this place is on my mind, but I’ll keep more personal details on the down-low for now!

I usually shoot waterfalls so that the water is smooth, but I’m always aware of falling into the rut of always doing it that way.  I’m not sure that there is a “best” way in fact.  It’s all in how you see the water.  Often freezing the action looks too unnatural to me, but in this case it best captures the power of Victoria Falls.

This is actually low flow for this waterfall, believe it or not.  There is no way to get to this point to photograph it when it is in high flow, when it becomes the largest sheet of falling water in the world.  I scrambled over to the edge during a hike/wade out to Devil’s Pool (making my guide nervous).  You can see a few people in Devil’s Pool at upper right.  You jump in super-refreshing water right at the edge of the falls!  It’s a bit scary, but really safe if you exercise a little caution.

Please click on the image to check it out on Fine Art America.  There are all sorts of options for purchase, including metallic, canvas, unframed or framed, with numerous types of frames to check out.  To view my whole collection over there, click My FineArt America Collection.  It is some of my best!  Thanks & have a great week ahead!


8 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Victoria Falls

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  1. Fantastic image.

  2. Rad!

  3. I like that perspective of the falls. It’s funny because I have gone back and forth on the smooth water look as well. Have you found Fine-Art America a good place to sell your photos?

    • Thanks Lyle, it sorta bothers me that all but a few of my waterfall shots are smooth. But I just like that look more. This was a clear-cut exception though. FAA is as far as I can see a fine place to show your portfolio, and interact with other fine-art photographers. They have groups. They also allow custom cropping and framing, so you don’t have to worry about having your image in a standard format like 11×14. I haven’t sold an image through them (just uploaded a bunch recently), so I can’t say anything about that yet.

  4. Wow! Stunning!

  5. Wow.

  6. Great photo. I would never do Devil’s Pool.

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