Friday Foto Talk: Missing   9 comments

I wrote a full post for today’s Friday Foto Talk, but could not get it illustrated because of problems with my wonderful high-priced Sony computer, the very last product from that company that I will ever buy.  In the meantime, enjoy this image from the (ancient) film archives, a time when I was young and full of fire, prowling the wilds of Alaska.  I may be out of touch for awhile because of this.  Have a great weekend.

Susitna River Valley & eastern Alaska Range, Alaska.

Moose Pasture:  Susitna River Valley & eastern Alaska Range, Alaska.

9 responses to “Friday Foto Talk: Missing

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  1. Absolutely breathtaking picture

  2. Good luck Mike. Sounds like your computer is as good as the 2 Sony cameras I had that were JUNKED. I’ll miss your wisdom but understand.


  3. I also thot it was the Tetons when I looked at it. Wonderful scene. Too bad about that computer – those can be particularly frustrating problems.

  4. So pretty, reminds me of the Tetons.

    • Great analogue! The Susitna is very much like the Snake here. Clear out all the ranches and most people, get rid of all but one road and surface it with gravel, and let more wildlife move in and you’d have a perfect match!

  5. Wonderful landscape ! Love this kind of place…

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