Single-image Sunday: Frozen Portal   11 comments

I titled this shot Frozen Portal because it is the entrance to Oneonta Gorge.  Located in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, it’s a popular place to photograph anytime and very popular to wade in hot summer weather.  It is a follow-up to Friday Foto Talk – Winter is Unforgiving.  Check that out for a few tips on photographing in wintertime.  This picture is copyrighted and not available for free download without my permission, sorry.  Please contact me if you’re interested, or just click on the image.

The infamous log jam that must be negotiated in order to enter the gorge is visible behind the snow-covered rock at left-center.  I’ve never seen this particular view of Oneonta posted in a picture before, so thought I’d give a different perspective on an oft-photographed place.  I had to stand in thigh-deep freezing water to get this shot, but what is temporary discomfort when you can capture rare frozen Columbia River Gorge scenery like this.  My apologies to any of you in the southern hemisphere who are sweating through the dog days of summer.

Oneonta Creek in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge is gripped by winter.

Oneonta Creek in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge is gripped by winter.

11 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Frozen Portal

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  1. Magnificent photograph!

  2. The reign of ice… Great!

  3. Great image!

  4. Thanks everyone!

  5. Rad picture! Ive been up there, but not for years.

  6. Yikes that sounds cold. Way to pay the price.

  7. I know this place. My kids and I waded all the way back to the waterfall about 10 years ago. It looked quite different in the summertime.

  8. Nice.

  9. STUNNING PHOTO! thanks for your efforts in capturing it and sharing with us.


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