Single-image Sunday: Hidden Gem   9 comments

I’ve been going back through all the photos from this last trip, searching for pictures I may have missed.  I’ve found a few, but it’s always the case that most of those I don’t catch on the first pass are just good not great shots.  I like this image but I want you be the judge of that.  Please give your honest comment below.

 I recall being a bit late getting up for sunrise on this particular morning.  It was a hike up to the top of a ridge in an area I had mountain-biked the day before.  The beautiful light arrived before I made it, so I turned around and set up right down on the slickrock, shooting back towards where I was camped.

The dawn light was very pretty, but there was also a lot of contrast.  So I wasn’t sure about the quality of the image.  Also there was the fact I was on the way to somewhere else.  I try not to let that influence my opinion of a shot, but sometimes it does.

After I spent some time editing this to subdue the contrast, trying to make it look like what I saw that morning, I saw it was a  nice shot.  I’m happy with the image mainly because it captures the feel of this place:  long curving striations of the Entrada Sandstone sweeping away and merging together in the broken and juniper-dotted background.

It’s an area that, while known by serious mountain-bikers, is off the radar for landscape photographers.  And the area around Moab, Utah certainly draws its share of photogs.!  I worked pretty hard there to find a half-dozen or so relatively unknown areas, at the same time taking the opportunity to do more mountain biking than I had ever done before at Moab.  Have a great week everyone!

Dawn breaks over sandstone slickrock in southern Utah.  Protected by copyright.  Click image for purchase options

Dawn breaks over sandstone slickrock in southern Utah. Protected by copyright. Click image for purchase options

9 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Hidden Gem

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  1. Love all the warm red tones.

  2. There’s motion, yet serenity. It draws in the eye, but with more of a subtle beauty. I like this photo a lot, thanks for sharing it!

  3. I think it’s wonderful and it gives variety to your photos.

  4. I think it is stunning. I like how the orange tones in the sky coordinate well with the rocks and the sandstone in the foreground.

  5. Your perspective gives the image an inviting draw–wonderful capture.

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