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This is an image I captured with my 50 mm. f/1.4 lens, so it’s really a follow-up to Friday’s Foto Talk.  In Arches National Park, Utah I went on a hike with my camera and 50 mm. with no tripod.  It was afternoon so I didn’t anticipate needing the tripod.  I almost decided not to take the spur trail to Navajo Arch, which is not one of the park’s most famous arches.

When I reached Navajo Arch the best composition was from within a fairly dim alcove.  To make things more challenging I had to stand on my tiptoes atop an old log to get the right angle.  Then lady luck came through when the sun broke through clouds and shone through the arch.  This gave me some extra light so I didn’t need to go to very high ISO to get the hand-held shot.  The best part was the fact that the perfect semicircle of light helped give the picture an extra dimension.

I was alone at Navajo for some time, and the atmosphere had a quiet intimacy that I thought unique among the arches in the park.  Finishing up my shots, I walked away convinced I had found my favorite arch in Arches National Park.

Navajo Arch is my favorite in Arches National Park, and that's because it's in such a peaceful, intimate setting.

Navajo Arch is my favorite in Arches National Park, and that’s because it’s in such a peaceful, intimate setting.


6 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Navajo Arch

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  1. What a beautiful photo in every sense: composition, color, subject. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. Stirringly captivating–Southern Utah is one of my favorite places. Zion National Park stole my heart and continues to have parts of it.

  4. Beautiful. There is something about taking one lens and taking what you can get.

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