Single-image Sunday: Smith Rock State Park   12 comments

This is Oregon’s favorite place for rock climbing.  The routes are rated up to 5.14, which is extremely difficult and for experts only.  But there are plenty of climbs suitable for novices as well.  A series of trails wind through the park, allowing hikers to watch these spider-men and women practice their sport.  The Crooked River zig-zags its way around the hard formations of volcanic tuff, a dense flow of ash dumped here by an ancient volcano.  Sometimes tuff can be fairly soft and friable, but this one is very strongly cemented.

I woke very early, and worried that the cloudy weather would prevent a good sunrise.  Rain moved in after sunrise, but at dawn the skies cleared enough for very pretty light to make its way into the canyon.  The cascading song of a canyon wren echoed its way up to me from the canyon as I captured this shot.  It was very quiet and beautiful, and the recent rains gave the sage and other desert vegetation a lovely scent.  Thanks for looking.  I hope your weekend is going well!

Dawn breaks at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon.

Dawn breaks at Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon.

12 responses to “Single-image Sunday: Smith Rock State Park

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  1. Simply stunning.

  2. Gorgeous! I’ve traveled the entire Oregon coast but think I may need a trip back to explore more of the beautiful state.

    • Thanks Andrea. Yes definitely Oregon has a whole different side to it once you’re on the east side of the Cascades. In fact, I just posted a few shots of the far east, what we call the “Outback”.

  3. A beautiful and favorite spot, thank you

    Monica Joy Felt (MJF)
  4. Looks like a fantastic place to capture the sunrise.

  5. thank you!

  6. Beautiful! What a great shot.

  7. Magnificent mountains! It looks like you need ropes to climb up there…

  8. Waters that take us to everywhere and nowhere–engaging and inviting.

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