Single-Image Sunday: Lakeside Calm   16 comments

It’s Labor Day Weekend here in the U.S., a traditional time for being by the water.  The seaside is most popular of course, but there are still great times to be had at lakeside resorts.  This is Lake Crescent, a big beautiful lake on the northern Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  I photographed it on a misty evening during my recent trip up there.

Crescent Lake, Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

Crescent Lake, Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

A mild summer weather front was moving into the area.  The quiet, calm way it seeped into the valley lent a strong mood to the scene.  It spoke to me of bygone days. Times when we went away for a long weekend and did not expect to be doing much besides simply relaxing with family and friends.  A good read underneath a tree; a walk with your sweetie, skipping stones; a bit of fishing from a row boat; board games in the evening.  The only screen you fiddled with was the one on the door to the big wraparound porch.

I try to let the feeling of a place dictate the way I photograph it, so here I eschewed foreground and went with a balanced, straight-on composition.  During processing, I tried a couple black and white looks but quickly settled on a fairly subtle sepia tone.

Let me know what you think of the image.  If you’re interested just click on it to see options to purchase the high-res. version, printed or framed.  It’s not available for free download without my permission, sorry.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I hope your weekend is going by slowly and delightfully.

16 responses to “Single-Image Sunday: Lakeside Calm

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  1. Beautiful. I get a real sense of the air, the atmosphere and by not having anything between the lake and viewer, you take me right into the scene. Thank you.

  2. Board games in the evening…now your talking…a blast from the past! I wish everyone would go back to these days, instead of playing on their ipads and keeping to themselves.Gorgeous photo!

  3. I really like the sepia; it’s a beautiful image.

  4. Great image. I like the play on light, the softness and the sepia tone.

  5. Beautifully serene image and the sepia tones work really well.

  6. I have loved this lake since i was a child.

  7. This works incredibly well in sepia.

  8. I have always loved the look and atmosphere that mist provides here in the Northwest – it adds a serenity that you can pick up on even in the city.

  9. Sepia really works well–lovely.

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