Single-Image Sunday: Hurricane Ridge   6 comments

This is an image from the top of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park in Washington state.  I have made a few trips up here, but never have I been in conditions even approaching those that gave the place its name.  It is very exposed, and I suppose if I visited during a stormy winter period, I would better appreciate the name.  But on this August morning, I made the pre-dawn hike up to Elk Mountain on the east end of the ridge.

The wind was blasting me from the west as a front moved in from the nearby Pacific Ocean.  Although it was a mild and short-lived summer weather system, up there it felt like I was back on the tundra in Alaska.  I had some trouble keeping the tripod from vibrating in the gale.  It was a bracing and very pristine feeling up there.  I really wanted to capture the feeling of being alone on top of an exposed ridge, facing a stiff wind, air as clean as it gets.  As the sun rose the wind dropped slightly and I captured this view west towards Mount Olympus.

Hurricane Ridge in dawn storm light.

Hurricane Ridge in dawn storm light.

6 responses to “Single-Image Sunday: Hurricane Ridge

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  1. Gorgeous. My husband and I visited Hurricane Ridge ten years ago. Thank you for sharing you beautiful image.

  2. Wow awesome. I’ve never been up there when the weather was that way, either.

  3. I love being out there when the weather is less than ideal. The light is always so interesting and the challenges of keeping your camera still will make a great photograph and a pretty good story as your post here shows.

  4. I don’t just like, I LOVE this.

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