Single-Image Sunday: Burnt Orange River   3 comments

The other evening I went out to the Columbia River near home in Oregon and this was the very last image I captured, just before it got dark.  I posted on “blue hour” recently, and this is very very late blue hour.  The exposure was 30 seconds, f/11 & ISO 400.

An unusual color develops in the dusk sky along the lower Columbia River In Oregon.

An unusual color develops in the dusk sky along the lower Columbia River In Oregon.

While dark was coming on fast, looking west (downriver) here gave me plenty of ambient light for a long exposure. One of the reasons I chose this image was because my last post was on reflections, and this is an excellent example. The light was being reflected off the clouds and then again off the river.  Its unique burnt orange color is mostly because of nearby Portland’s city lights.  You can see it in the sky.  But when that light is reflected in turn from the water (which is smoothed by the long exposure), other colors are mixed in and it ends up a very unique blend of orange, blue and green.  I think It’s a very interesting hue.  Do you agree?

I had already packed up and was headed back up to my bike when I noticed this very subtle color.  I knew a long exposure would bring it out even more in an image, so I went ahead and set up my tripod and camera again.  How many times have I done this, packing up and then changing my mind?  Hundreds, thousands?  The pilings make a very simple subject in a simple image.

Hope you enjoy it.  If you’re interested in purchase options (print, download, etc.) just click it.  Once you have the high-res. version in front of you, click “purchase options”.  It’s copyrighted and not available for download without my permission, sorry ’bout that.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  As always I welcome any comments and questions here as well.  Thanks for looking!

3 responses to “Single-Image Sunday: Burnt Orange River

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  1. Thanks a bunch Mary & Rosemarie!

  2. I like how you captured the color of dusk in this photograph.

  3. Beautiful image. I learn so much from you every time you post. Thank you. Rosemarie

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