Single-Image Sunday: Sun-Star   9 comments

A big sun-star is featured in a recent sunset over the Columbia River in Oregon.

A big sun-star is featured in a recent sunset over the Columbia River in Oregon.


What can I say, I dig sun stars.  Maybe to the point of shooting them too often.  Especially when I have a clear sky at sunset (a little boring to be honest), I will try to go for an unusual take on sunset.  So I put the trees between me and the water and maximized the sun-star effect.

Actually on this recent evening along the Columbia River in the Gorge, I was really just killing time before the main event, which was dusk and the crescent moon.  I already posted on that, but I thought I’d show the prologue here.  What really attracted me to the shot was the golden light over the opposite shore.  Hope your weekend is finishing up nicely!

9 responses to “Single-Image Sunday: Sun-Star

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  1. Like your photo! 🙂

  2. You succeeded in your intentions of a different sunset. Beautiful. That golden light…lovely.

  3. Thanks Pat and Lyle!

  4. Wonderful image!

  5. That’s a fine-looking star. No wonder you like them so much.

  6. I love your photos. This one is no exception. Truly wonderful. I love the scenery, too. But how did you get the sky so smooth, so perfect? What software are you using? A long time ago, when I was doing more photography, I heard people talking about Neat Image. I never incorporated into my photo processing habits. Is Neat Image that good, or are you using something even better?

    • Thanks Mira. I don’t know anything about Neat Image, so can’t comment. I use Lightroom to process my images, but did nothing to the sky here. I think a nice smooth sky is a function of low noise and a good lens. Many smaller cameras and even some bigger ones have a lot of noise, which when you process them gets even worse. With Lightroom as you process you can reduce the noise, but only to a certain extent. Noise is mostly a function of your camera sensor and what ISO you use. Good luck!

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