Single-Image Monday? Perspective   4 comments

I was late getting back from a climb this weekend so have to apologize for no single-image Sunday post.  I always have believed, however, in the phrase “better late than never”.  This is a somewhat unusual perspective on Panther Creek Falls in SW Washington.  It was captured during the rainy-misty weather we had recently, weather which now seems like a distant memory as temperatures soar into the upper 90s.

Panther Creek Falls, Washington

Panther Creek Falls, Washington

Enjoy!  All my images are copyrighted and most (including this one) are not available for free download without my permission.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks for looking!

4 responses to “Single-Image Monday? Perspective

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  1. You really get a sense of the misty feeling in the air with that shot. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Michael for taking me to yet another beautiful and peaceful place. Such a relaxing image…

  3. beautifully captured!

  4. Magical!

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