Single-Image Sunday: Rainy Oregon   4 comments

This Sunday I thought I’d post a black and white image.  I don’t do a lot of black and white.  Perhaps that’s why I like it so much when I do capture an image like this one.  Then it’s back to the computer to see if I can bring back the mood in the scene.  I’ve found especially with black and white that RAW digital captures can take away some of the subtle contrasts and tones and make them feel a little lifeless.  I processed this with Nik Silver Effex Pro.

This little outing was really sort of a bust.  I arrived in the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon) to get some pictures at sunset.  Unfortunately a rainstorm timed its arrival for sunset too.  It was a race to get a picture before the deluge, a race I lost.  As I set up it began raining.  So I grabbed a few shots and quickly put my camera away.

The light was rapidly fading with the building clouds, robbing the scene of what a minute before was a very vibrant green.  I thought immediately that it might make a good black and white landscape image.  A minute or so after I captured it the rainstorm grayed out the nice shadows and highlights on the water.  So this was definitely one of those pictures that straddles the edge of changing light and weather conditions.  I think that’s the reason it turned out well.  What do you think?

Rainy weather descends on Oregon's Columbia River Gorge.

Rainy weather descends on Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.

Simply click on the image for pricing options.  You’ll go to the high-res. version.  Click “add this image to cart” to get a tabbed price chart.  The picture won’t be added to your cart until you confirm your choices.  Sorry but the image is copyrighted and not available for free download.  Please contact me with any questions.  Thanks for your interest.

4 responses to “Single-Image Sunday: Rainy Oregon

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  1. great picture you got here 😉

  2. Too beautiful!

  3. BEAUTIFUL BLACK AND WHITE! The water looks like glass.


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