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Charl the shih tsu attracts some strange looks. Obviously people aren’t the only creatures who wonder what type of animal he really is.

A quickie post on this favorite of our wonderful worldwide web.  There is almost no better way to get internet hits on a photo or video than to show an animal doing something funny. It’s a gimmie.  So here I am joining in, being totally gratuitous.

Fun in the park as my little dog Charl is surrounded by town deer.

My little shih tsu, Charl is getting pretty old now, and so is not always very alert to his surroundings.  He should have been aware that these three deer, who were hanging out in a little riverside park in the town of Winthrop, Washington (it’s hunting season & they know it’s illegal to discharge weapons in the city limits), were not exactly the friendly type.

As I was taking this picture, I realized that the deer on the left was about to use those sharp hooves to express her opinion of lap dogs.  He nearly got speared before I swooped in and chased them away.

This is not exactly what I expected to be doing on my recent road trip to northern Washington, rescuing my little traveling partner from fearless town deer.  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  On more than one occasion, while we’ve been out hiking, I’ve noticed hawks or eagles who were quite interested in us.  One plus is that Charl is fairly indestructible.  My horse one time kicked him halfway across the barn. But he’s always so relaxed that I think he’s made of jelly.  He bends but doesn’t break.

I often sneer with contempt when I see the plethora of funny or stupid animal photos & videos on the web.  But I can’t take the high road anymore.  I’ve become one of them!

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