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My website, MJF Images, is live!


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Portland’s waterfront always seems to take on a peaceful and beautiful persona on Sunday evenings, especially with a sky like this. I have a nice perch I know about on one of the freeway ramps on the east side of the river, the only such place with room to pull over (though it requires quick maneuvering).

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A hike up Table Rock near Mollala, and the trillium way up there were still in bloom. The view from the top: Hood (pictured), Jefferson, 3-fingered Jack, Washington, and the 3 Sisters. Beautiful day!

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If I was born long ago, I would probably worship the Sun. I have a solar filter now, so yesterday I could not miss the transit of Venus across the Sun’s disk. Clouds did threaten the show early, but they cleared as they often do before great sky shows (it happens more than can be explained by pure luck).  I have to say the picture doesn’t do it justice, but for me it never does with sky phenomena. By contrast my landscape pictures often turn out more colorful and vibrant than the real thing (though the reverse is also true).  The huge (much larger than Venus or Earth) sunspots are also very obvious in the image.

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