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My two “girls” and rare self portrait. Focus is far from perfect, proof I need either a remote trigger or Canon needs to include a 20-second timer option on their cameras. An assistant would do it too. It’s pretty hard pressing the shutter, mounting the horse, all the while keeping them in position and relatively still, and all in the 10 seconds it takes the shutter to fire. They don’t know what the heck is going on of course: I’m running up and jumping on and then I don’t want to go anywhere after all that hurry. It’s good practice in case I ever want to star in a Western. I can mount a horse pretty quickly for the getaway. A bonus is that often they will perk their ears and look at the camera when they hear the shutter go off. They are so quick to hear it that they actually assume that alert pose in time for the exposure, which just adds to my amazement over a horse’s hearing and quick reaction to sound. Both shots in rural Clackamas County, Oregon, near the town of Estacada.

Posted March 26, 2012 by MJF Images in Uncategorized

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