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Skiing yesterday in the cold sun and light powder, I passed White River (top pic) and went on to Bennet Pass. Blue hour came (bottom pic) at the top of the trickiest bit of trail, called overdramatically the Terrible Traverse.  Letting it get darker while I fumbled with cold fingers on the tripod, cable release, etc. the shot might not have been the best of ideas.  But I got a good shot, and besides I had a headlamp for the ski out.  Brrrr! But excellent snow because of that.


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A little trip down yesterday into the Willamette Valley, not far from PDX, during some intermittent sunshine, and the look was of late winter in sleepy farmland.  The top image, of a barn near the historic town of Aurora, was just after sunset with deep shadows in the foreground, so I collected a couple images and combined them, later deciding on a subtle (I hope) HDR effect.  The bottom image, a farmhouse near Wilsonville, was in full late-day sun, with a polarizer.  

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From the hike yesterday, a little ice on the greenery never hurt anyone (at least in good ol’ temperate Oregon).  If anyone knows what type of plant the top image is, please tell; I thought it was a type of liverwort, but I’m not sure.  It was growing right on a rock outcrop in the northern Oregon coast range (quite a cool, wet climate).  

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I hiked in the coast range yesterday, a relatively forgotten hiking destination near Portland, along with a group from the meetup group Wild Mind.  It was damp, cold, and really beautiful.  Plenty of macro possibilities, and a mist in the woods which really was beautiful.  But I never found a simple enough composition to do the mysterious mist justice.

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A bluebird day recently XC skiing near Mt Hood, up the Bennet Pass trail to Bonney Butte, with a drop-dead view of Hood’s east side (2nd photo).  The sun came out and though it was still in the high 20s (perfect for skiing), it felt warmer and the new snow in the trees melted partially to form beautiful icicles along the trail (1st picture). I also spent some time with rime ice along a ridgeline which always gets the wind during snowfalls.  I’ll post a few.  Making do with my point and shoot (Canon S95) since the big dudes are in the shop right now. 

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A couple scenes from Portland and area on a beautiful early Feb. day. 1st is a mural painted on an old building overlooking Oak’s Bottom, a riparian area that has been restored and turned into a reserve with trails. 2nd is a shot from where the suburbs give way to rural, just south of Portland, as the sun went down and the moon came up. I love that magenta/purple hue that the sky takes on in winter, and highlighted that in processing this.  Mount Hood was looking nice, and the sheep lent an air of peace to the scene. I decided to leave the powerlines, since we all know about electricity and don’t need to pretend.

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A gorgeous day in the Pacific NW today, and so with bird photography in mind, we from a local photog meetup went out to the peaceful (even sleepy) Sauvie’s Island along the Columbia River north of Portland.  Did I say it was beautiful? So light was not ideal, and the flocks of sandhill cranes and snow geese stayed far away.  But the sounds were amazing, and they were spectacular through spotting scopes.  We did come on a friendly immature bald eagle perched in a tree near the beach parking lot, and got some nice detail shots.  For the second image, I liked 2 or 3 B&W versions of the shot of Mt St Helens in snow.  I went with the old-style w/film grain, just on a whim.  Not a common approach in post-processing for me, but I’ve been thinking of the early explorers (Stephen Meek is my favorite, William Clark second), so I thought this version matched my mood and what I thought would look good considering the bright sunny mid-day light.  Feel free to comment.

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A starry night cross-country skiing at Mt Hood. A half-moon illuminated Trillium Lake and the mountain, so a headlamp not required for the glide across the lake. Timberline Lodge is visible, as Ursa Major (Big Dipper) soars above the mountain.

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