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A contrast across the generations, in photos of young African women I met during my recent trip to southern Africa. The first is a pair of friends, “Ba Kalaghadi”, originally from the central Kalahari area of Botswana, and now living in the fairly westernized town of Maun.  I got to know both to some extent, since I stayed in Maun awhile.  This photo was taken along the Thamalakane River, in front of a fancy safari lodge’s restaurant. I was treating them to dinner.  You do something like this for an African woman, and look out if you’re single!

I also visited a Himba village in Namibia, and the second photo is of quite a young woman in traditional (un)dress.  I spoke with her for a bit (through an interpreter) and took many photos, since she is beautiful.  Of course she dresses like this partly for tourists, in order to make a little money.  But she also is very much influenced by older women around her, who insist on retaining their culture.  She is very naive, sweet, and playful, much like a child (though she has a child of her own).  I was charmed, to say the least.  She is torn between two worlds, and her daughter will unfortunately be much less torn, much more in the western world.  In the past decade, we’ve witnesses many traditional cultures joining the western world.  The Himba and the San, both of southern Africa, are two poignant examples.

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